Multiply Marketplace Feature

Good Morning! Woke up today to very exciting news. My Multiply Marketplace Feature is now up!
This month, Multiply's chosen bloggers are Aie Corpus, Ava Te, and Myself!
To check out our picks, click this LINK.
Go,go,go! Today is the perfect day to stay in bed and shop online! Loving the wet weather right now!
Grab a hot cup of joe, get cozy and start clicking!!!

While you're at it, do visit Chicify as well, if you haven't yet ;)

That's all folks, was just really excited to get these out. 

Have a great week ahead!


Gellie Abogado said…
Congrats for the feature Sarah! I love your picks! :)
Same thoughts with Gellie! :) Congratulations, Sarah! ♥

christian said…
Hi sarah!
congrats on your feature!
love your blog!
Unknown said…
Ang cute naman ng feature na 'toh. Parang polyvore-slash-pinterest.