Rustan's Scentiments Of Love - Win Acca Kappa Fragrance

A couple of weeks ago, Rustan's celebrated the launch of Scentiments Of Love.
I was not able to attend the event due to some personal circumstances but I am still sharing this with you since I think you will still find interest in this....especially towards the end of the post ;)

So read on and learn more about the event and it's promo:

Fragrances can encapsulate all forms of love, whether it is rekindling an old flame or starting a fresh romance. When it comes to passion, no other newly engaged couple spells it as sweetly as coach and running icon Rio de la Cruz and his fiancée Nicole Wuthrich. As guests of honor at Rustan’s Grandmall Makati for Rustan’s Valentines celebration, Scentiments of Love, the couple spread sparks of good cheer together with a merry mix of new faces.

In the scene were China Yoo, Garlic Garcia, Erik Hannikainen, Edouard Miailhe, Nicolas Hacker, MC Perdon, Lucas Raven, Riane Hernandez Villaruz, Cham Gumin, Chase Shellee, Shayne Ombao, Reese Rodriguez and Roxy Roco.  

One’s preference of fragrance, speaks volumes about personality, especially emotions. It can exhalt or subdue a mood, add dimension to one’s character or transport one to nostalgia. It can smooth over a much-regretted action or it can be sharp and seductive. Therein lies its power. 

Here's where it gets interesting...

And whatever your status, Rustan’s shares the power of fragrance with fabulous Acca Kappa gifts with its “Love Snapshot” contest. Until February 24, strike a pose at the Valentine Photo Op Walls at Rustan’s Makati or Gateway: MADLY IN LOVE (Photo Op for couples) or LOOKING FOR LOVE (Photo Op for singles). Send entry to When it is up on the Rustan’s Facebook page, have it liked by your Facebook friends! Most likes win luxury fragrances from Acca Kappa!

For more info, visit 
For more gift choices, visit Rustan's Makati, Rustan's Shangri-La, Rustan’s Gateway, Rustan's Alabang Town Center and Rustan’s Cebu.
For further information, contact: Denise Roco Rustan Commercial Corp. Tel. 8963623 loc 227 0922-8787969


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