Sweetest Valentine with Chocolate

A day before Valentine's, the girls and I "hooked up" at Big Bad Wolf for an afternoon of fun, cocktails, and delectable food, to celebrate the launch of Chocolate Clothing's new website.Yup, you can now shop Chocolate online! Read on to learn more...
The event started at around 3 in the afternoon, upon arrival, we had to register at this booth via an iPad. Very cool and very green way to handle the registration process if you ask me, hope other events follow suit.
After logging in our info on the iPad, we headed inside to write down our twitter handles on the Big, Bad Blackboard :P
We got to mingle with each other for awhile before the event proceedings. Even had time to check out Chocolate's Fashion Truckie! It's the little truck that could and would be there anytime you have a fashion dilemma. Call them and they will send over this cute little pink truck to your home so you can shop at your own convenience! How cool is that? Even better, there is no minimum and no obligation whatsoever to purchase. Now, that's retail love for you. See, Chocolate truly is the sweetest!
Soon after, we headed back inside to get first dibs on Chocolate Clothing's latest endeavor.

Talking about something else that is equally exciting! Can't wait for this too!
And now, finally, here's Finina discussing with us how the new Chocolate website works.
Finina is nice, pretty and funny in person.

Here are some screenshots of Chocolate's new website:
I love how personal and interactive it is.
While you're there, don't forget to check out the "Sweet Treats" portion where freebies await you!
And last, but definitely not the least, is Chocolate's new blog which is handled by none other than my love, Aisa! ...whom I also stole some of these photos from, thanks babe! :)

After the short but sweet presentation, we were treated to an endless supply of food and cocktails courtesy of Big Bad Wolf:

The food at Big Bad Wolf is really, really yummy. You gotta try it for yourself. Love the chic, industrial-ish, artsy-fartsy interiors too!
After chowing down, it was time for more photo ops! A blogger event is never complete withough hundreds and hundreds of photos...from multiple cameras! LOL :)
And, here's a photo of us girls all together. I sooo love this photo! Nice shoes huh? :)

Make sure you check out Chocolate Clothing's new website and sign up to get your freebies under "Sweet Treats"!

To learn more and to sign up, visit these sites:
Follow us on Twitter: twitter.com/Chocolate__ 
Like us on Facebook: facebook.com/ChocolateClothing 
Follow “Sugar Rush” on Tumblr: http://chocolateclothing.tumblr.com


you girls look fab!:) sad i missed this :(
Gela said…
too bad i missed this! looks like it was such a fun event. everybody looks so pretty in the last photo! :)

boat ride through the sky
mmm, looks great! :D

Unknown said…
Your purse-something that looks like an envelope is cute. :D
Pretty ladies!! :) I'm sure you girls had so much fun during this event! Love the clothes from Chocolate!