What I Wore Today: Beauty Bound

Wearing: Protest olive parka, Pink Manila dotted shirt, Topshop shorts, Linea Italia boots, Mulberry Alexa, Roman Moon Laura Mercier lipstick

This is what I wore when I was "Beauty Bound" to Robinson's Galleria last week. I was suffering the entire week from chronic stomach pains, this day included, but I really wanted to go so I decided to rub on a ton of Kwan Loong Oil, bundle up and suck it in like the brave little soldier I am.

Glad to declare that the stomach pains are now gone due to a recently discovered supplement that I've been taking. What a relief! I was beginning to get really frightened cause I was having them the entire day. Needless to say, it was very uncomfortable. But that's a whole different topic which I will talk about more in a different post. 

The Robinson's Beauty Bound Fair is still ongoing so hurry over and grab the best deals from your favorite Health & Beauty brands.

Also, been having a shoe dilemma, so if you're bored today, maybe you can help me decide? :)

That's all for now, I have to get ready for a Suesh event that I'm really excited about. You all have a great weekend! Thanks for reading.

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Hzl said…
I love that jacket! I want to be able to wear more jackets, it's a pity it's always hot in the country :(

love the new hair!

Nashe^ said…
I like outfits like that, but unfortunately people in my country (Singapore) would prolly think I'm waayy overdressed! Boo!
Helen said…
You look fab, very safari!
Hazel said…
Sarah!! YOUR BAG!! i love it! :) glad you no longer have stomach pains! :)
Have a great weekend dear!
amor said…
love the Alexa!
lalalaPatricia said…
I love your whole outfit! The bag, Cardigan, Boots! That's LOVE! <3 By the way, I love your hair! So chic! <3 Hey let's follow each other on GFC? :)
wow fabulous! I love your jacket! I mean I love everything! <3
Buky said…
You look amazing.
Wish the weather here was as awesome as it is there.
District of Fashion