What I Wore Today: Envy

I haven't been feeling particulary attractive lately due to my recent DIY "carpintero stint" so pardon the photographs. I wouldn't have normally done an outfit post in this state but I couldn't wait to take my new stingray cuff from Envy out for a spin.
It is truly lovely and minimalistic but fierce. A perfect combination in my book.

Today, I am torn between two tasks. Self-beautification or home improvement. I still have the kitchen, 2 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms to re-do but I also want to get my hair cut and colored plus I also need to visit Browhaus and the nail spa. My hair is getting really thick and difficult to manage already. That's the thing with short hair, it's SOOO high maintenance. I was contemplating on growing it out again but my best friend said I have a tendency to look haggard with long hair. Big no-no! So I guess I'm getting it cut shorter and maybe have it dyed blonde or pink. What do you think?


Love your Envy cuff, Sarah! :) Plus this outfit is also very gorgeous. OMGGG pink hair!!! Hahaha iLikeee. :p

oooh i want pink dye!! haha:)) love your outfit, momma!!
Valerie said…
Short hair looks good on you, and maybe pink (?) instead of blonde, it seems more suited to your personality. :) Love your shirt and blazer btw. xx
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Love your blazer! And I agree, short hair is so high maintenance. I vote for dyeing it blonde! :)

niknok said…
Love the entire look! This is something I'd def. love to wear! xx

The Niknok Style
I love the blazer so much! :)

Unknown said…
I always read your blog from google reader, it's the first time I've seen your new template. It's nice!

Anyway, I love the jacket.
thestyleflux said…
Love your blazer!! great edgy look! :)

Alexandra said…
CUTE!! I love this look on you :)

Unknown said…
I also need to visit Browhaus and the nail spa. we at Browhaus Singapore also believe in inducing a state of fashion that goes towards the end delivery of style.