What I Wore Today: Game Of Death

My Bruce Lee outfit.

See the uncanny resemblance? Always been a fan of the dragon but this was not done on purpose. LOL

I just liked the black and yellow, black and yellow (lss yet?) combination of this top so I snagged it up. I knew it looked familiar...

top from Pink Manila, shoes from CMG, cigarette pants from SM Dept Store, bag mom's Chanel

Then I put it on and Dennis started making these awful Bruce Lee Karate impersonations. Then I realized, oh yea...Game Of Death. Oh well...
This is what I wore last Saturday to our family lunch, which we arrived at at past 2. Pardon the wet hair and the squinty eyes, trying to mask a hangover and constipation. Too much information? I hate it when I get constipated after a night of drinking. Don't you just want to get rid of all of those toxins first thing the next day? When my digestive system fails, my day is ruined. Must make a mental note to stock up on C-lium.


Anonymous said…
Excellent colour combination, looks good with your hair style. Like it a lot.

♥neelai♥ said…
i simply love your outfit :)
Bruce Lee is something! :D

Almira :)
Melai said…
Sarah! Cute! Ayus parang Bruce Lee nga! Hehe :)

Melai of Style and Soul
That's my favorite Bruce Lee film! And you're totally rocking that top.

Love your new hair color, too! :)
You look so gorgeous, Momma Sarah! :) Love the colors, and yeah you got me LSS. :| Missing you! xx

Gellie Abogado said…
Start practicing your karate chops na Sarah! Hehe! You look gorgeous as always! :)
Anagon =) said…
Natawa naman ako kay denise, at sa too much info! Dahil dyan, naku alam mo kelangan ko din ng c-lium, sana effective din sakin sira system ko sa bazaars marathon hahaha (ako din too much info! :P)
Rae said…
Do more of these inspiration looks!
belle said…
I think I wouldn't have made the connection if I didn't see the photo of Bruce Lee...I still say you look great Sarah. And I in case I haven't said already, I looooooooove the hair.
ravenamaru said…
You make a great bruce lee. Love the honesty. If its TMI for someone they don't need to read it.
Check out my blog sometime!
Hazel said…
finally i saw your blonde hair :D bagay!! anyway, LOL at the bruce lee resemblance ;P
inkarlcerating said…
super cute!!! grabe

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