What I Wore Today: Orange Hair

Pardon my orange hair....AGAIN. hihi. Playing around with bleach once more. I know, I never learn. It seems like I am only truly happy when my hair is fried to a crisp. This time, I am in the process of bleaching it an almost white in preparation for pink or blonde hair. Still undecided. These photos were taken right after my first bleaching process after a failed bleaching/pink hair stint. I am undergoing my 3rd bleaching process as I write this post.

Yes, this is a scheduled post. Nikola will be sleeping over my mom's house for the weekend...which means I may be indisposed this Saturday and Sunday (i.e. nursing a hangover/s :P). Even moms like to party. Hellz yea. God knows we are the species on this planet in need of it most.

KTPD blazer, top from Pink Manila, crochet shorts somewhere in greenhills, cole vintage ring,  DIY  bracelets, stingray cuff c/o ENVY, Chickflick wedges, collar necklace from plus minus times divide c/o shop at multiply

Enjoy the weekend as much as you can folks! :)


Can't wait for your new hair! Do you know Nicki Minaj's Superbass music video? You should check out the part where her hair is split in half. The first side is blonde and the other is a light, creamy pink. Try that one! The creamy pink. xx

love the statement necklace and of course your shoes! so amazing!
wish you a wonderful sunday and please visit me: my new diy is online :)
kisses to you
maren anita

thestyleflux said…
Fierce look for a new hair color! :)

dred said…
i am loving your shoes sarah. can't wait how your bleaching experiment will turn out. :)

Idk why but I'm excited with your pink hair!! :) Hahaha! But anyway, as usual, you're gorgeous with this look.

Pattieta said…
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Pattieta said…
Loving the wedge, necklace, shorties and the hair! It doesnt look bad at all. I really like it and im not kidding :)
Hazel said…
haha yeah go party like a rock mom!! :) goodluck on that bleaching thing :)

Thank you THANK YOU for all the lovely comments. Love you guys!
Gellie Abogado said…
I'm following your hair adventures Sarah! :D
MJC said…
orange hair looks good on you. :)