What I Wore Today: Orange + Zebra Clutch

This is what I wore to the Chocolate Clothing event last week.

Certainly getting a lot of mileage on this metal belt I purchased from Nava last year. They had a single band version which I really wanted at first but the metal portion was too wide for me,didn't have the preconceived thought that maybe I could bend it to my liking? Might go back to the store and see if I can. Haven't been able to go out shopping lately. So busy with other things.

Running at a close second is this DIY skirt I made last month. It seems to just go with anything! At least in my book. Planning to make several other variations of this and maybe a few for mass production. Would you like one? In what color? Let me know :)
Also at the top of my list is this orange and zebra clutch I received recently c/o Mikka Padua via Chicify.
I've said this already before but I can't say it enough. Mikka's clutches are the best you'll ever find in the country and her designs just keep on improving. True investment pieces for only P1599. They're made of genuine leather and are guaranteed to make all your outfits pop!
And last but definitely not the least is this orange leather wrap bracelet from Envy which goes so well with denim and compliments my multiple rings DIY prefectly! A must have this season since denim is hottt and one of the main players this spring. 

On a side note, I just finished a NO-SEW* detachable leather collar last night. Very excited to share that DIY with you. Watch out for it in the next couple days.
Have a great week everyone!

Please don't forget to check out my feature + picks in the Multiply Marketplace and Chicify.


thestyleflux said…
You look stunning!

Love your outfit! Ganda ng belt! And bagay sayo ang blonde hair mo :)

Unknown said…
Wow, I love this outfit. It's so edgy!
Carla said…
oh I love everything about this outfit - chambray, skirt, shoes, and of course the clutch! i'll be sure to check out Mikka, seeing this clutch is amazing!

cheers, Carla
Apple said…
you look so hot, i lurve your blonde your blonde hair ♥♥♥
Issa said…
wow, ir was only now rhar I saw you new hair color! cool! :)
Superblondeep said…
you look fabulous whit blondie hair!! xoxo
Unknown said…
There's my favorite clutch again!
Gorgeous as ever, Sarah! :)

your hair is awesome!! <3 love the outfit!!
wow, u look so fab! love ur hair, I wish
Gellie Abogado said…
I just can't stop looking at your hair. I so admire it. Ang fierce talaga. I love your skirt and that clutch. Adorable and classy! :)
Hazel said…
ohh yeah i remember that DIY skirt :) nice belt btw <3
Plami said…
what a stylish and sexy outfit! You look smokin'


Cooooooooool, love the orange leather bracelet - very nice xx

Mom-Friday said…
You cut your hair?!!! This edgy look still fits you :)
And I am loving that clutch too!
Roma is Love said…
oh my gosh sarah! you're blonde! super huli na ko sa balita! Confidence, check! :)