What I Wore Today: Solid Metal

sheer cape, metal belt and embroidered skirt from Nava, CMG pumps, accessories c/o Accessorize

Outfit post I forgot to post months ago. I think this was taken last December. All I recall is that I wore it to the premier of My Househusband. Have you seen it yet? You should, it's hilarious :)

Guess what? I'm MEGA-bleaching my hair again! It seems as though I am not completely happy until my locks are completely fried. I have this strong addiction to hair dye and I love experimenting with it the same way I do the walls of my house. I always figure that it'll grow back anyway. So, here's what I did so far...(I was actually planning to have this professionally done but the cheapskate in me decided otherwise.) Wait, here's what I'm going for - I'm not totally sure if I want to go blonde or a pastel pink yet. I tried pink first yesterday afternoon but I didn't bleach it enough so it sort of came out a coppery pink. Naturally, I re-bleached in the evening. After which produced an orangey-blonde color. Should I leave it as is? Orange is the color of the year after all. LOL. No, anyway, bought 2 packets of powdered bleach again today. Yes, I don't really care. It's just like painting. When you don't like it, just cover it up with more paint or in this case, strip it more with bleach. (Don't try this at home :P)


mestizay said…
wow mother! you look so chic naman!
where did you buy your cape?i badly want one!!!
You look great! xx

JC Mercado said…
your rocking with that metal belt. asteeeeeeg.

Nava in Greenhills babe :) less than 1k
J. said…
Great skirt! You are so brave to play w/your hair like that! (I really don't do anything with my hair except get an occasional cut...)
Roxanne said…
love the prim and proper yet sophisticated look! I also want to go dye my hair but am nervous about the outcome, haha
Always gorgeous, Sarah! :) Love your metal belt! Fierce! Hahaha and oh emmm I wanna see your hair now. Miss you!