All You 90's Children Rejoice, Palladiums Are Back!!!

First came the revival of the DM's, so I guess it was inevitable that it's counterpart would make a comeback. I waited and waited and finally they're here! Palladiums are back baby! Now made cooler with urban street cred!

I remember back in high school (DON"T DO THE MATH!) when me and my friends used to wear our Palladiums to school. We'd get into trouble for wearing them to the point that our principal would make us take them off and we'd have to spend the entire day in socks! It's funny cause despite that, we'd still wear them everyday, weekends included!

more on the brand:
Palladium was founded in 1920 to make tires for the fledging aviation industry,  They developed superior expertise for vulcanizing rubber, combined with canvas bands, to make tires so advanced that they soon equipped the majority of Europe’s aero planes.  After WWII, ultilizing their vulcanizing rubber and canvas profiency, Palladium opened a plant in Pont de Cheruy, France, to produce footwear that was as hard wearing as their tires.

The functionality, comfort and durability of their unique shoe were so outstanding that the French Foreign Legion adopted it for their rugged use. 

Today, the authentic design, classic lines and time tested utility are enjoyed by explorers worldwide.

Tokyo Rising is the latest exploration film produced by Palladium which stars Pharell Williams.  Palladium comes up with a new celebrity endorser and urban exploration every 6 months.
I used to crush Pharell :P

Palladium Boots is currently available in Sole Academy Katipunan, Center of Gravity Fort and Urban Athletics Greenbelt 3

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