Bench 1M41M

Headed over to M Cafe last night for a small gathering among bloggers organized by Bench to get oursleves familiarized with their latest project, the Bench 1M41M campaign.

The event was hosted by Magic 89.9 Dj, Mia.
Ana with Slickrick: I was seated beside him the entire night and I had no idea he was slickrick until towards the end of the evening. Such a sgame since I am a big BNO fan. Judging from the few words we exchanged with each other, he seems to be a genuinely nice and harmless man. :P
Leung de Leung peeps discussing 1M41M particulars:

Isabelle Daza was there to personally promote her chosen chairty, Ephesus.
Ephesus is a haven for abused children. Not a lot of people are familiar with Ephesus yet so help and donations are quite scarce. A cause close to my heart so I Ephesus is my chosen chairty as well.
Isabelle Daza is also really nice and approachable in person. No celebrity airs whatsoever. She even took our photo and tweeted it:
Events are always a hoot when I'm aorund these girls:
Yes, we truly enjoy each other's company even outside of events. Capped of the night with a few drinks at Dillingers.
Once @BenchTM reaches 100,000 followers, and for every additional 100,000 followers up to a ceiling of one million, Bench will endow the charity with the most votes, with 100,000 pesos. A total of 1 million pesos will be donated to charity, divided into 10 in order to help more institutions. 

 To find out more about the Bench 1M41M project and the different charities and celebrities involved,


was suppose to go to this :( sud i got stuck somewhere huhu
Despina T. said…
beautiful pics.looks like a great event.great outfit!
Unknown said…
The last photo looks very how-i-met-your-mother :D
Such a fun event! :) Gorgeous girls!! ♥ Miss you, Sarah dear!!