A Day At Facial Care Centre - A Photo Review

When I recall my afternoon earlier, the first thing that comes to mind is this song from Phineas and Ferb that goes, "It's the best day everrr!"

Read on to find out why...

I was coding today and I don't normally go to events when my car is coding cause hassle. But I made an exception for this one because it was something that I was really looking forward to. Made a beeline towards the MDC 100 bldg at the corner of Eastwood (its just right outside the entrance) during window hours, at around 2pm, to avoid getting caught by the MMDA. Got there just in time!
Moving on up....30th floor here I come!
Finally arrived! I was immediately impressed by Facial Care Centre's clean, modern, fresh and very professional-looking interiors. This is how you want your place of treatment to look like! 
This thing caught my attention right away! A fruiquet! Yes the traditional floral centerpieces have been replaced with fruit centerpieces which you gotta admit, are equally as pretty and a lot more practical for the simple reason that now, your centerpieces don't have to go to waste. Your guests can actually eat them and truly enjoy them!
Before I could even recover from the staffs warm welcome, a waiter handed me my "welcome drink". My favorite strawberry daiquiri shake from Fruit Magic. At this moment, I knew this day was going to be more than remarkable.
And did I mention the bottomless spread of food? 
Yummy never-ending delights for everyone!
Waiting for our consultations to begin while enjoying the buffet....
After a few minutes my name was called and I headed over to the doctor's office for a one on one consultation. 
Pretty doctors, seems everyone who works here is attractive! Wait 'til you see my therapist...Anyway, after carefully studying my face, my lovely doctor suggested I get the facial treatment with collagen and advanced lasertone treatment.
I was escorted into my private room by another pretty lade from Facial Care:
Private rooms on the left, private rooms on your right. Still spick and span! I love it!
Made a visit to the john prior my treatment and chanced upon the "Beauty Area" where you can re-style your hair and re-touch your make-up after your treatment. Even has a hair dryer and imported hair products available.
And now I welcome you to mi casa:
I tend to be a little OC so I was simply delighted to find my room so pristine and spotless!
Failed OOTD before changing into my...
SURPRISE!!! My very own personalized waffle robe with matching slippers! Soooo soft and luxurious! There was even a card and a fresh flower to go with it.

Next time, I'm bringing Dennis along and I'm getting the couples room:
And now meet my lovely therapist, Aiza, who is super nice and reminds me so much of Marianne Rivera! I told you, everyone who works here are pleasant and good-looking.
Haven't even started yet and I'm already looking like a model! LOL :P

I'll walk you through the process;
First, your face is cleansed, and then cleansed again with firm but feather-like touches from your therapist, after comes exfoliation done in the same way, with facial massages in between and full scalp, face and shoulder massage after. Aaaah, heaven!!!

Then comes the extraction! Where they remove your whiteheads, blackheads, pimples, millia and every other unsightly imperfections on your skin. This hurts a little but is very tolerable, just feels like youre being pinched multiple times on your face cause (ang kyut kyut moooo with gigil) youre so cute!

After comes the collagen mask which doesn't really look like this....
It's more like strips of collagen tape moulded to your face for a perfect fit. They leave it on for 30 minutes and let you relax by yourself in your super comfy, hotel-like room.
After which they come back and proceed with the laser treatment which is painless. It's like a little flashlight on your face.
Then they clean you up and prepare you for the day ahead with sunblock! 
This was the most thorough facial I had ever gotten in my life. HONEST!
Facial Care Centre special orders their products from the States:
My discarded "Nacho Libre"-like Collagen mask. Look no holes! If you're the claustrophobic type, ask your therapist to put holes but doesn't matter match cause there's a "call button" beside your bed that you can press anytime for assistance.
And after:
I felt so refreshed, clean and rejuvenated! I didn't want to leave my room! I took a few moments to relax and enjoy it first in my new robe and slippers! :P

So, if you wanna look like this:
or like this,
Or like this:

Head over to Facial Care Centre ASAP for a FREE consultation and while you're at it, book your treatment immediately! Trust me you won't be sorry!

Experience firsthand why Facial Care Centre continues to be the preferred choice of discerning women. Visit the latest branch in Eastwood City, 30/F Unit C, MDC Building, E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue corner Eastwood Avenue, Bagumbayan, Quezon City. Call 892-SKIN (7546) to book your free consultation today.

Visit Facial Care Center for more info. 
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wow, that's some lovely time <3 im so jealous :D
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Wow grabe I wanna have my treatment na tuloy!! Envyyyyyy</3 Hahaha

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Very informative post. Get to know something new and very informative. Love to read more posts like this.
Oooh such an interesting facial center! :) Ang ganda mo, babe! :) Fresh with or without makeup on! ♥

WOW! this is so amazing.i can stay there forever.its so clean and the treatment they provide you is superb.thanks for sharing such a wonderful post.