Make Me Over Kanebo!

I met KATE several days ago during a visit to Megamall's Department Store...

Kate is Kanebo's more approachable, younger sister. 
Kate is Kanebo's drugstore brand and specializes in natural looking make-up for Asian skin.
Yup, Kate is cheaper withough compromising the quality of Kanebo. It is equally as effective and heavily pigmented as its older sister. Only difference is that the colors aren't as daring. Kate is more of an everyday make up kinda thing that is specially formulated for Asian skin.
KATE's products are very affordable, even students can afford it.
On to my make-over! I was made over by one of the most talented make-up artists I have ever worked with! Your desired color not available? No worries, he'll mix this and that with that with a limited pallette to come up with whatever your heart desires. From eyeshadow colors, dwn to lipstick, he mixes and blends like no other.
Check out my before and after pics:
Nice huh? Wish I could re-create this look by myself!

KATE is available in SM Department Stores