Marie France EDM + Slim Photo Review

I should've posted this several days ago but I wanted to wait, check the effects and determine wether or not it really works before I write this review. Almost a week has gone by and by this time, I am pretty confident about what I have to say.
Marie France is Facial Care Center's sister company and you will find them located next to each other most of the time. For this treatment, I visited their latest branch in Eastwood.
And just like the Facial Care Center event, I was again greeted with a yummy fruit shake, this time Kiwi.(probably the chosen fruit because this was a slimming/toning treatment).
The fruiqet was present again but this time with much bigger and with more chocolate covered strawberries! Hey, a girl's gotta have her chocolates no matter what! :P
My former Marie France consultant taking photos of my therapist, they're all pretty here as well.
After a few minutes of chikka, chikka it was straight to business since a lot of us wanted the chance to try this latest treatment from Marie France. 

Before you start making faces and think I'm anorexic, I'm not. Eversince I gave birth to Nikola, my tummy has always been my problem. I'm sure most moms can relate with me when I describe it as a deflated balloon. Not attractive and finding a perfect bikini gets a hundred times harder to achieve. I went for a consultation with Marie France before for the Tripolar treatment, I was REALLY eager to get started but had to save up for it first so I'm glad when I found out that they had something new and more affordable that might work for me as well as get rid of my cellulite. Yes, wake up! WE ALL HAVE CELLULITE! They may not be as visible as others but when something is wiggly it must be cellulite. :P

So I had myself checked and measured to see wether or not I was qualified for the EDM treatment:
Turns out I was and it would work just fine for me instead of the pricier Tripolar alternative because I was pretty lean and didn't need to shed any excess weight. Whoopteedoo! Better body + more savings for me! So off I went to the treatment room which was just as clean and impressive as Facial Care's except this one had it's own private toilet and shower! 
Took up close photos of the EDM machine before changing into my bodysuit. The EDM machine can be used on both face and body. So if you've been dying to get rid of that pesky double-chin or chubby cheeks, the EDM is your dream machine to get it more contoured.
And here is my bodysuit/ body stocking which all patients have to wear for hygeinic purposes + easier gliding of the EDM "rollers". It even comes with a matching thong! lol, which is optional, you can choose to wear your own underwear underneath but no bras allowed. Sorry, no when worn photos :P
And here I am getting the treatment:
Haha! So relaxing lang. I almost fell asleep during the treatment which felt like a deep tissue massage performed by several masseuse.
Up, down, all around with special emphasis on problem areas. In my case, inner thighs, butt and belly.
By now you probably have four questions and I will try to answer them all as best as I posibbly can.
  1. Does it work?
  2. How much does a treatment cost?
  3. How many sessions do I need?
  4. How does the EDM work?
To answer questions 1-3, I think it is best that I explain how the EDM works first.

So how does the EDM machine work and what does it do? This is going to get a little scientific but just bear with me for awhile...

EDM+S.L.I.M. is the new and much improved version of the already successful Endermologie treatment. It comes with an ergodrive head (roller) that's 50% more effective in tissular grabbing so it covers more areas with cellulite. 

"Cellulite is not reduced by either physical exercise or even the strictest weight-control diets."

The EDM machine uses three kinds of lipomassage movements: 

ROLL'Up - gently yet intensively conditions skin tissues to eliminate fat deposits and revitalize blood and lymphatic circulation; 
ROLL'In  - reactivates the elimination of resistant fat; and 
ROLL'Out -  revitalizes collagen production and stimulates fibroblasts (firming cells). 

So what does this all mean? Please don't quote me on this as this is just my very humble understanding of some very scientific terms. Basically, the EDM detoxifies your body, gets rid of toxins and releases the water plus fat trapped in certain areas that therefore end up creating cellulite. The EDM gets rid of cellulite plus helps you get the contours you always wanted but are a bitch to get at no matter how hard or how many times you hit the gym. Basta something to that effect. Gets?

Okay, no 2, how much does a treatment cost? Before you begin panicking, don't. It's actually quite affordable at around P3500 per session. In my case, since no weight loss is required, I only need to avail of the 5+1 free session promo to enjoy visible, lasting results. They also also have a 10+2 promo for those who require more sessions plus a lay-away plan to make things even lighter on a modern woman's pockets. I guess that tackles questions 2 and 3. To find out exactly how many sessions you will need, you can always visit a Marie France closest to you for a FREE consultation.

And finally, what you're all dying to know kse beach season nanaman! Does it work?
I cannot guarantee this a hundred percent since I did not complete all my required sessions yet but from what I have experienced so far in the past week, I must say it does. How can I tell? Well, when Dennis picked me up afterwards, Nikola started caressing my arms (like she usually does) and asked me "why they were harder."  Wow, so I asked Dennis to double check and he confirmed this by feeling me up. Haha! But in fact he said that yes, I felt sort of firmer all over and after a week, my deflated stomach doesn't look as deflated anymore. I was also peeing constantly the entire time I was in Eastwood Mall killing time (which was a pain cause I was in heels and that meant constantly walking back and forth to the toilet every 30 minutes or so). Also, my digestion and bowels have improved. I'm much more regular now with no more constipation problems. (Sorry too much info but I'm sure you prefer me being honest). So to sum it up, yes I am more toned, and yes I can guarantee 100% that the EDM does an excellent job detoxifying your system. I am not at my ideal shape yet but I have a strong feeling that with constant treatment, I will get there sooner than I can say "cellulite".

Here are some before and after photos:

EDM+S.L.I.M. is exclusively offered at Marie France. Call 894-2639 for a free private consultation today!

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