Metallic Wedges from JCube

So I get back from my vacation, stressed from the whole airport scenario, both hands preoccupied with heavy bags and the guard hands me a package! A surprise package! Whoopee! Almost dropped everything for it. I go upstairs, unload and tear the package to pieces! Inside was one of the prettiest pairs of wedges I've ever seen!!!
I have been OBSESSED this year with futurism + metallics. I AM SOOO HAPPY that the kind people behind JCube sent me this pair! IT'S Perfect and it's perfectly my size too! A 6.5! Yes, they have half sizes for people with awkward feet like me! Woopdeedoo! Better news? They carry bigger sizes too, up to size 10 and true to size!

As if that wasn't enough, I got extra to shop for moooore shoes! Amen to that! I would give them a big hug and kiss if only I could. Yea, VIP status baby! VIP status gives you a lifetime discount of 20%! You can opt to purchase this for only P100. Such a great deal!


Mary Ann said…
AWESOME! So you ang shoes Ms. Sarah,=D
great shoes!! love it!!

D said…
So love the shoes!!!

Shoegasm!! :) Love your metallic wedges, Sarah! ♥

Roma is Love said…
I will drop all my bags for that package too!!! :)
Wonder Woman said…
When you get sick of these, you know what to do. ;)