Mobile Blogging-LIVE from Eastwood!

Okay, let's give this a try and let me know if you enjoy it. Kwento Lang cause I'm bored. Blogging from my phone as I have dinner alone in cookbook kitchen.

Heard a lot about this restaurant before but only got to try it today. It's really good. Great date place as well. Nice ambient, romantic music live piano music and yummy food. Too bad my better half isn't here to share it with me. Having the holiday roast pork right now. It's a must try. Meat is super tender and the gravy is delicious! Here are some photos:


lori said…
it's pretty kewl, sarah! what phone are you using?
Wow!! :) Still a great blog post kahit from mobile phone lang! Galing ♥

great post!! <3
this place seem to be a perfect place for dating. looks lovely! hmmm!