Nail Of The Week: Mint Green

Headed over to Posh Nails yesterday for some Mother-Daughter + Ninang bonding.
Me and C got mint green nails by China Glaze/OPI (forgot which one). 
So cute and so much prettier in person! Perfect for summer!
I think I'm gonna get me my own bottle of this color.
Meanwhile, Nikola got her nails done too! :)
Her choice: baby pink base with silver glitter on top!
That's all, just wanted to share :)

Stay tuned! Will be posting a new giveaway in a bit. Up for grabs, shopping money from Multiply!!!


Sam said…
Love your nail colors Sarah! And thanks!! It's starting to grow weird so I'm getting a bit conscious, but I'm glad you think so :D
Mila said…
My nails are in this mint color at the moment :)
JC Mercado said…
this is how me and mom bond when I was little. missed it because of your post. btw, mint green rocks on you..

Banannie said…
aww.. your little girl looks cuuute! looove bonding moments like this. kinda making me miss my mom..
oomph. said…
the minty green is a pretty color. i want to try that and some kind of lilac!

make up tips said…
awww..she z so cute.