Postura Project Day 12 - The Freshmaker

Lazy Sunday outfit for my 12th installment. The blue and green color palette reminds me of Mentos, hence the title. I wore this to watch Hunger Games which was...okay, not bad but I was expecting a little more, maybe too much hype, I don't know. It was okay though. Currently downloading Battle Royale, I want to compare the two films.

Anyway, in this outfit, I'm wearing a chambray top from local brand Muffin Clothing, Bell Bottoms from Topshop, Belt from Kenneth Cole, favorite navy wedges c/o Primadonna, Shades from Nava. I got this green doctors bag, which is so reminiscent of the latest from Sophia Coppola for Louis Vuitton, from SM Parisian during our photo shoot last Saturday (more in a diff post). It is so easy to use and I am already in love with. Another nice surprise last Saturday was this beautiful green leather bracelet which arrived just shortly before I was leaving the house from one of my favorite local brands, Envy. It came with a bunch of other stuff which I already wore and will be blogging about soon. 

Sorry if my prose is rambly. I have a really bad cold which arrived suddenly, just out of the blue and my head really hurts. Maybe it's the weird weather lately. I'm calling it an early night. Sweet dreams! Hope you enjoyed this post :)

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Despina T. said…
great outfit.the jeans are awesome!really your accessories.
Gellie Abogado said…
I love your bag here Sarah! :)
You look so great with those bell bottoms on, Sarah!! :) ♥ Get well soonest, btw!

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