The Postura Project Day 2 - Kate Torralba at Multiply Office

These photos were taken a couple of weeks ago when Aie and I headed over to the Multiply office for a meeting and tour.

Snaps in the Multiply conference room before the meeting proper:
mostly candid shots...had a very hard time keeping a straight face, Aie is fun! :)
wearing: Kate Torralba blazer, HDY gray tank, Kenneth Cole belt, Dorothy Perkins denims, DIY accesories and Primadonna Shoes
i love the bird caught in the frame, pretty! :)
And now, here's your virtual tour of the Multiply office!

Multiply seems like a cool place to work in especially if you're young and hip! Its interiors are so "urban chic".
The very efficient customer service peeps:
Me with our Multiply contact, Erben:

And lastly, a photo with Multiply's country manager. Trivia: he used to be the managaer for MTV Phils! Pretty cool huh?

Hope you enjoyed my little tour~!


Hazel said…
Ang ganda nga ng office nila, especially the wall with "graffiti" :P
Apple said…
i love your shoes.
Wonder Woman said…
Candid shots are the best kaya :) And haha kala ko you photoshopped the bird in lang. :p Very pretty, Sarah. Loved what you wore at the Supersale Bazaar, too :)
in fairness ang ganda ng office!

Unknown said…
thanks guys! :)
sorry about that, didn't notice dennis was signed in :P

anyway, thanks again! :)

@angel: was wearing Dennis's shirt! just DIY'ed it :)) fat day! haha