Postura Project Day 3 - DIY Cut-out Shoulders

My third day on the Postura Project and I'm loving it. Dressing up has been a lot more interesting since I started. 
I always enjoy a good challenge.

For the 3rd Day of my 30 Day Postura Challenge I decided to wear one of my DIYs which I am almost certain, will be one of my summer staples.
avant garde street style fashion

Paired my cut-out shirt with my favorite cuffs from Ruckus, Gold Dot shoes and white ginormous shades which were a gift. They remind me so much of Elton John's early days....

Oh, and in case you're wondering, yes, I'm wearing a pair of shorts somewhere under there.

In true fashion eggplant fashion, here's a quick tutorial on how to achieve the cut-out shoulder trend on your boyfriend's shirt.

Step 1:
Steal a shirt from your boyfriend's closet. Make sure to pick one that doesn't look too hot on him as a favor to yourself. :P
ex. I chose this shirt because it makes Dennis look like a dirty old man from the 80's. ha-ha!

Step 2:
Put on the shirt, step in front of a mirror and eyeball where you want your cut-outs to begin and end. Trace with chalk or whatever you have handy.
Like so:

Step 3:
Cut them holes out with a scissor making sure you leave about a 1/2" allowance.
Your shirt will end up looking like this:

Step 4:
The part I hate most. I didn't study sewing/fashion so I don't know what these triangular notches are called. I just know that you need to cut a bunch of these pesky triangles to avoid your folds from buckling up and twisting around when you sew it. Just eyeball where to cut them like I did. I don't think there's an exact science to this though I could be wrong.

Step 5:
If you're like me, skip this step because I simnply just 
cannot be bothered. However, this is the point wherein most people iron the folds before sewing.

Step 6: 
Fold your fabric twice and sew in place.

And you're done! The cut-outs and cotton fabric make it really cool to wear during the hottest a shoulder version of clima-cools?

Thanks for reading! 


inkarlcerating said…
super best dressed ka lang when i saw you sa supersale
Gillian Uang said…
Cool idea! Must try that out. And I love love love your hair :)
traveleatwrite said…
great idea sarah! :)
Anne Garais said…
Great DIY!! i wanna try it. :)

krissy ♥ said…
"I didn't study sewing/fashion so I don't know what these triangular notches are called" WOW! Ang galing mo talaga, Sarah! :)

I love the second to the last photo, classic na classic :)
Superblondeep said…
good job!! love it!
MJC said…
i think im gonna do this. :)
Megann Monday said…
Ah!!! You are so cool, Sarah, I swear :P Hahaha love the idea. Masarap talaga mag-DIY (kahit minsan fail). It's a learning process, but it's always great because you'll somehow end up with a "new" addition to your closet :)

♥ Megann of Style Surgery
Giveaway: Style Surgery x Soul Sister Clothing
Another inspiring DIY from you!! :) Great idea, Sarah! And yes, very perfect for summer! ♥ Hahaha natawa pala ako with why you chose that button-down from Dennis! Winner ang reason! =)) Miss you babe!

Gellie Abogado said…
I'm a fan of your DIY projects Sarah. And this one... I will ask my mom to do for me. Hahaha~! :P
Ang galing naman nito!!!!
Love the the top Sarah!

@karl: i almost died when i read your comment! coming from you, that is such a HUGE compliment! thank you so much! :)
so happy you like my DIYs guys! super thanks, I really appreciate it, hope you don't get tired of them and go ahead and try, id love to see what you come up with :)
Issa said…
oh, I wish I could do this! :) Ma-try nga!
Anupriya DG said…
Aaah! A super-cool DIY - perfect for the summers!! :)
Ansherina said…
I love this! :D

Almira :)
belle said…
I've never been a fan of cutout shoulders...until I saw this. nicely done Sarah.
Anonymous said…
woah, what a great idea! You look amazing and the top is just perfect! *clap, clap!

Unknown said…
great idea...i think i'm gonna do that to some of my stuffs ^_^