Postura Project Day 5 - Denim + Gold

On day 5! I'm a bit delayed with my Postura Posts cause I've been spending most of my days at home with no real reason to dress up, the times when I do go out though, I always make it a point to wear something Filipino like these lovely neon bracelets from Rex Clothing which are beginning to be a summer favorite for me.

Another new addition to my growing Filipino made wardrobe are these nifty collar tips from Plus Minus Times Divide. Such a great way to add spunk to any button down shirt!

Wearing: Bracelets from Rex Clothing, Collar Tips from Plus Minus Times Divide, Denim Polo from Muffin Clothing, Uniqlo white denims, Zara Shoes

Have you joined the challenge to wear something Filipino everyday yet? If not, join us and make the pledge. Visit Postura Project for more info.

And lastly, here's a great opportunity for bloggers, old and new alike to attend a day of FREE pampering and goodies!
Join me in a special makeover session brought to you by none other than our fabulous friends at Funky Plum! Save the date! March 24, 2012 at 3pm!!! 
To request for an invite, pls leave a comment below with your name, blog url and email address.

wait, di pa pala last! Another event you shouldn't miss!!! A free make-up workshop with international make-up artist, Jeffrey Tasker! Yes free!
(Jeffrey Tasker has done make up for sex and the city, Oprah Winfrey to name a few)
So make sure you don't miss that cause this is an opportunity of a lifetime!!! I learned so much from him the last time he was here.

So there, that's all for now, don't miss out on these super awesome opportunities! Happy Blogging!

WIN Shopping Money from Multiply

special thanks to Dex Laxamana of Flipeye Fotografi for the photos.


you are a great writer.. Keep posting Buddy!!
Roma is Love said…
I love the concept of the project. I read about it first from eden :) Let's go Pinoys! :)
Ms sarah, first of all i love your outfit and your photos :) better layout in this entry :) (and i envy your hair!!)

I would love to attend to both activities, if given the chance. I have been in the blogesphere for quite sometime but i haven't frequent a lot of events and this will help me learn more about fashion and blogging. :) Hoping to hear from you :)

You look so great, babe! Love your collar tips, super!! ♥

Curlyscribbler said…
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Curlyscribbler said…
I would like to request an invite for Bloggers' Style Makeover Party:

Name: Apple
Unknown said…
Frances Lim

This should be the perfect event after a haggard finals week! :D I super love your outfit and the photos! :)
Anupriya DG said…
Awesome glasses!! It feels good to see such nice & large pictures on your blog!! :)
i'll see you on the 24th! :) won't miss the makeup workshop too!

The Pink Margarita
Take 2! Hahaha! :p

Name: Yshy
Blog URL:
E-mail Address:
Burkha said…
aaahhh...this outfit takes my breath away. love love love it! everything about it. specially the denim shirt with that metal points in the collar.
Great job! ;)
Chyrel Gomez said…
I was going through your blog entries and you look so astig!! I can't wait to see you, again!! XD