Postura Project Day 6 - Tux + Silver

wearing: Ruckus accessories, Tux from Anagon, Jeffrey Cambell Litas, Pink Manila Top, Bottomline Leather Shorts

Hi friends and readers! This is a scheduled post. By the time you're reading this, I will be in Ilo-ilo with my best friends enjoying the fresh air and yummy seafood!
I wore this to the Bench 1M41M dinner. Usually on days when I am lazy, I wear all black or white + denim. Easy no brainers with little chances of going wrong. 
I got this sleeveless tux from Anagon at a steal during the last Supersale bazaar and I love it sooo much! Goes great with almost anything. To do this day, I can't believe she decied to part with it. Mas peg ko daw. Probably cause I can't live without it anymore. Thanks Ana! :)


Anagon =) said…
Hahahaha I feel na for me tong post na to lol, mas peg mo talaga yan ;) I still feel bad missing iloilo trip haha, but oh well! To Bffs! Enjoy!! :)
So badass! love it
krissy ♥ said…
Wow, enjoy Sarah! :)
sugar sugar said…
Love your outfit sarah! Have fun! :)
I gotta agree that this is so you!! Leather! :D
wow looking good sarah! <3 Idol..
Gellie Abogado said…
I adore the accessories, Sarah! :)
Jamie said…
Sarah you look amazing in this outfit. I love the shoes and that necklace!!!

Issa said…
I love the tux too! Bagay na bagay sayo! :)

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