Postura Project Day 7 - Dude, Where's My Shorts?

oops! I forgot my bottoms! lol, just kidding! I'm actually wearing a pair of denim shorts under there. :)

wearing: Paul Smith shirt, H&M shorts, SM socks, Envy bracelet, Mulberry bag

This is the looooongest shopping ban I have ever put myself under. It's taking it's toll and I have resorted to stealing button-downs from Dennis's closet. I was contemplating on cutting out some holes for the shoulders but I couldn't bring myself to ruin this shirt so I wore it as is on a day when I couldn't be bothered. 


Pammy said…
You have such nice legs! :P
Gellie Abogado said…
Sarah I love your shoes!!!! :D
Naiara Cruz said…
I love your outfit!!!
really nice :)
lots of kisses
*naiara cruz*
Mary Ann said…
carry ang men's polo,=D and I love ur bag!
Wonder Woman said…
HAHAHA panalo ang title! :D Keep flashing those legs in Greenhills. :p
Mica said…
Hi Ms. Sarah! I love the title of this post. So catchy :)) and I love your bag too!
Lush Angel said…
In love with your bag! :) i've been pondering if i really want one. hehe!

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