#PosturaPH - The Postura Project Day 1 (WIWT)

The Challenge: Wear something Filipino for 30 Days!
The Postura Project is the brainchild of Arriane Serrafico, Knox Balbastro, David Guison and Sarah Meier. It is a calling for all of us to recognize local talent and wear it with pride.

Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is stated below:
Anyone can participate, you don't even have to be a blogger. Just love your own.

Such an awesome project and I am so proud to be a part of it. Here's my first look, wearing 99% homegrown talent ;)

wearing: Sarah Tirona neon cami and tribal skirt, Gold Dot shoes, Ruckus twin cuffs, vintage Ray-Ban wayfarers and Accessorize Bag

Hope you like and hope you join us in our quest to promote everything beautiful and Filipino!

Special thanks to Dex of Flipeye Fotografi for the beyond awesome photos.

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Life's a shoe said…
i love the yellow color of your top!
Sam said…
Omg! It's been awhile since I've been around the blogsphere and visited your blog, but I LOVE YOUR HAIR!!!! :D
You look great Sarah!

thanks guys! :) join the postura project!!!
Definitely joining Postura Project asap! :) Love their movement for Filipino products! You look gorgeous as always, btw, Momma Sarah! ♥

Kathi Eric said…
i love love LOVE your outfit! and this project is great! you're awesome for being part of it.

♥ Chaos with a Capital K ♥