Shiny by Paradigm Shift

The avant-garde geniuses behind Paradigm Shift have just come out with their latest collection, Shiny. 

SHINY -  An attempt to combine 2 opposing elements: Bold silver metallics and grey drapey garments were condensed to form this collection. With a specific focus on shirts, jackets, waistcoats and pants, an elaboration of different and usual forms , fabric and silhouettes are presented. Entitled Shiny, our fascination with hardwares and metallics has translated in creating a new measure of fun and transformable clothes, making each piece a personal experience... an extension to one's body.

In love with all the silver foil! I can't wait to get my hands on one of these jackets and the giant shopper is just a must-have!!! I also want that long gray asymettrical shift dress. Everything here reminds me so much of Swedish street style and all those other cold region aesthetics but "tropicalized".

What do you think of this collection? :)

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Hazel said…
interesting collection!! though i'm not a big fan of silver :P