SM Accessories Lovin' Summer 2012

Headed over to Dusit a few days ago to check out what SM has in store for us this summer season.
I couldn't take proper photos cause the location we were in had bad lighting and nothing would come out just right so I boroowed some from Krissy's blog instead.  (or maybe I was just so much in a daze that I forgot to take pictures? :P hahaha, typical me!)  I gotta say, I was instantly smitten! Each piece that came down the runway were lustworthy. The women looked like godesses, the men like GQ models and the kids were just sooo adorable in their neon/boho ensembles.

Here's a sneekpeak of what you might expect to see at all SM Department stores this season. Enjoy!

The usual're probably tired of seeing our faces by now but what can I do? As Dennis says, "kayo-kayo lang naman yan e!" hahaha, sometimes he can be tactless but still funny without him knowing it. Totally clueless about what I do.
tracy, vern verniece, me, pax, and aie.

wearing green maxi skirt from my own line, Kenneth Cole belt, top from Greenhills, Sm accessories clutch

Hope you enjoyed this post!


A N A G O N said…
Ang gaganda nyo!!! :D
hahaha, thanks! see you later! sayang wala ka dito! mmmwah! :)
Really informative post. Spent a great deal of time reading your blog. keep up the good work
Roma is Love said…
hindi ba kayo yng models? haha :)
I agree! To die for mga vavavoom accessories na yan!!! :)
Unknown said…
I wish SM has something similar to the starfish cuff I've been lusting over.
Issa said…
wow, the accessories are so pretty! :)
Burkha said…
OMG! that skirt! I recently posted a picture of an outfit with that similar skirt. I`m obsessed with that color!
Lovely ladies, lovely outfits! ;)
Images are really impressive. I think images play important part in articles and blogs. That’s what making this post more attractive and interesting.
ChicSassyMom said…
Oh how pretty as always, so sorry super late reaction, I love your new hair color! :)