Suesh Make-Up Workshop with One Hyundai Club

Headed over to Suesh last weekend for a free make-up workshop c/o One Hyundai Club.
Buy a Hyundai, apply for a One Hyundai Card and you get to experience tons of fun activities like this for free!
Saya no? Last week daw, it was a free cooking workshop for men. Even the mister gets in on the fun. When it's time for us to change cars, I'm probably getting a Hyundai! hahaha! They also give a lot of discounts in a myriad of partner outlets including CMG! Twisted ba? Yes, discounted shoes are reason enough to change automobiles! :)) (for me at least!)
Moving on, here's a virtual tour of Suesh. Suesh is real near my place so I've been here a couple of times already prior to this event. It's always full. Cheap kse and high quality talaga.
tools for the workshop...
Cute vinyl robots plus lots of goodies to spend on in Suesh. You will probably find most your "kikay" things here plus stuff you never dreamed hair velcros? They're awesome though.
and tools they an abundance!!! daaaaami! 
If you're on a budget, you can always opt for the Blush personal brush sets instead:
I want this!
During this workshop, we were taught basic day and night make up with emphasis on the smokey eye. Most of the products we used were from Kanebo <3
One Hyundai club members getting busy at the make up table.
Ultimate "kikay" event talaga, as if that wasn't enough, we all got treated to a sumptous dinner at The Frazzled Cook afterwards....
soooo much foooood!!!
I now even have a plaque that I can hang on my wall to make yabang my newly acquired make up skills!
When I use my iPhone to take photos nagkakagulo talaga yung portrait/landscape. No matter how many times I rotate and edit, it doesnt follow. Weird.

So anyway, Go buy a Hyundai but don't forget to apply for the card! Being a One Hyundai Club memeber is soooo worth it!

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hahaha niiice! i like how hyundai events also have something in store for the ladies :)

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