What I Wore Today: Vintage Revival + Free MakeUp Workshop

I've been doing this for quite some time so I decided to make it a somewhat regular feature in my blog called "Vintage Revival".

Although not necassarily "vintage", I often re-work my old clothes into different silhouettes to update the look and save on moolah. Such is true with this dress I've had since the year 2000, if I'm not mistaken. All I remember clearly is that I bought it when asymettrical hems were all the rage. Remember those days?

It was a basic black cotton dress with an asymmetrical hem that reached my ankles. I never threw it out cause it was so comfortable to wear. Simple fix was to chop off the rest of the fabric and leave it as a biased skirt instead. Perfect for lazy days like this spent doing errands. Out in 5 minutes. No make-up, full turban the cover up the disheveled hair, a simple black dress, and tortoise shell round glasses to finish the look.

Since I'm a lazy bum, I try to squeeze in my "excercise" while shopping. This is precisely why you'll often spot me wearing this pair of Skechers, yes Skechers (:p) Shape-ups or my tried and tested Fit-flops while in the bank or grocery doing some shopping.
accessorize bag

And while were on the subject of saving money, I have a surprise for you!

A gift from Laura Mercier! His last visit was such a success that they decided to bring him back!
Enjoy a FREE make up workshop by Laura Mercier's own Jeffrey Tasker this March 26, 6pm at the Laura Mercier Boutique in Rustan's Makati.

*in case you didn't know, Jeffrey Tasker has worked with some of Hollywoods biggest stars like the Sex and the City cast + Oprah Winfre to name a few.

So you better not miss this!

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you look so different! nice!
Mark said…
Love the look! =) http://iammarkdizon.blogspot.com/2012/03/hand-painted-my-customized-designed.html
Andrea Comia said…
love the look and omg will definitely attend the workshop :)
Gellie Abogado said…
You look really nice Sarah! I love that turban on you :)
Roxanne said…
love the vintage vibe, the turban compliments the look! too bad I can't attend the workshop. :(
iammarkdizon said…
Hi Sarah! I love your blog. I am a part of the marketing team of Accessorize and we love your looks. Thank you for your posts on our facebook fan page!