Do You Have What It Takes To Be A New Gen Mom?

There are rarely events wherein I am able to tag Nikola along so I jumped at the chance to attend the New Gen Moms event sponsored by Johnson's at Enderun several days ago...

And I was extra happy that "New Gen Dad', Dennis decided to tag along as well at the last minute making it a fun family event. :D

The event was hosted by Maricel Laxa who inspired me to get out there and work out without saying a word. You get the impression that she is amazingly healthy and toned just with a quick glance of her.  My new body peg this year. Will try extra hard to stick with a work-out routine. Promise! Zumba anyone? lol :)

After a quick introduction on what a New Gen Mom is, she introduced to us a set of truly inspiring New Gen Moms who are major achievers in their own respective fields. 
Very strong, empowered women.

So what is a New Gen Mom?

A New Gen Mom can be characterized according to these five remarkable traits:

1.       ACTIVE SEEKER – She actively seeks new and improved ways to care for her children. She reads about the latest in nutrition, educational systems and baby products to ensure that her children always receive what’s best. She’s not afraid of challenging the traditional and is first to adopt what’s new if it is more beneficial for her family.
2.       MULTI-ROLE MANAGER – She knows that there’s more to life than being a Mom. That’s why she happily juggles her other roles like wife, entrepreneur, friend, fashionista and adventurer. She maintains her individuality while keeping in mind that her family is top priority.
3.       EFFICIENT SUPPORT SYSTEM – She lives by the saying that “It takes a village to raise a child.” She relies on her support system to help care for her kids from her hands-on hubby, helpful Lolas and efficient Yaya. She does not, however, surrender all her duties and rather relies on such support to allow her to be the kind of Mom she wishes to be.
4.       EMPOWERED BY TECHNOLOGY – She uses technology as both a resource and a tool. She’s constantly on to search for new vegetable recipes or arts and crafts ideas. She shares the same information with her fellow Moms on Facebook or Pinterest. Her IPAD is loaded with videos and games to keep her kids entertained.  
5.       HIGHLY EXPRESSIVE ORIGINATORS – She takes pride in being the “first to know” and the “first to share.” She is quite discerning in her discoveries and choices for herself and her family. And when she has a great, new find, she shares with her fellow Moms, who love hearing about this.

I guess that makes me a New Gen Mom myself! :)

This truly was a well-thought of event. The details were remarkable down to these little "no more tears" appetizer plates...with matching "no more tears lollipops".

Enderun is beautiful...makes me want to enroll in a course or two!

There was also more than enough delectable food going around for everyone to enjoy. Dennis really enjoyed this carving station. And Nikola couldn't get enough of the white sauce pasta. I was too full from the Cibo catered Laura Mercier event to get an entire plate myself. Ended up just tasting bits and pieces from Dennis's plate. Despite my full tummy, everything was delish!

Back to Jonhnson's...

To support these New Gen Moms, Johnson's has come out with new products to help ease the burden on these multi-tasking women.

...And we got to try all their new products through the little boots they  set up all along Enderun's Atrium:

I love their new sunscreen line. It works and yet it's gentle and affordable at the same time.

Visiting the different booths....

Nikola trying her best to comprehend how baby massage and Johnson's Baby Oil helps relax and calm babies. I used to give her baby massages with this same oil before. <3 Btw, it is now infused with Vitamin E! It's great for us moms too after getting out of the shower.

Nikola's favorite product, the new self-foaming Top to Toe wash:

My happy baby enjoying  all her Johnson's swag:

I trust Johnson's. It's like a family secret passed on from generation to generation. It was used on my mom, my mom used it on me, I used it on Nikola. What I love most about Johnson's is the scent, truly, "Amoy Baby" guaranteed.

I hope to attend more events like this one this year. Crossing my fingers. Thank you again Johnson's and Nuffnang for a truly unforgettable event.

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Marijo Camacho said…
Ur daughter is such a cutie!!!!! :))
Roma is Love said…
I couldn't agree more! You really are a new gen Mom! I'm so proud of you! (My fingers suddenly found their way to my forehead..I think they're making a salute sign) haha :) More power pretty pretty Sarah :D
MalanB said…
Great post. This event looked like tons of fun with the family.
Wonder Woman said…
I WANT TO JOIN EVENTS LIKE THIS. Gah. And I'm doing Zumba in May. Join na! ;)