Postura Project Day 14 - Busy Bee Thneed

What has been keeping me busy lately???

See that pretty orange thing around my neck? I made it, and I've been making them non-stop plus several other designs that I will be selling soon. You like? How much should I sell them for?

Sorry, brain fart but the Thneed comes to mind...everybody needs a "Thneed!" :P though it's not really a thneed, it's just so catchy it keeps getting stuck in my head!

For Day 14, I'm wearing an old striped crop top from a now defunct local label which name I forget :P Paired it with my denim maxi skirt from Penshoppe and my new favorite scarf/statement necklace accessory by me that I hope you like! :) I wore it to enroll Nikola in ballet and taekwondo class yesterday. She gets bored during the summer so I'm trying to fill it up with as many activities as I can for her. Has anyone tried Kumon math for kids? Any thoughts? Also on her list of activities is voice lessons! So excited for all the rehearsals I'm going to attend. #proudmom :D

Gonna go make more thneeds now! :)) Have a happy Holy Week!

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Wonder Woman said…
You should... hand it out for free... ? :D Hehehe. And WHERE DID YOU GET YOUR PRADA GLASSES???
what a wonderful and dreamy look. love it so much.
maren anita

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t said…
Nice look!
avagabondmom said…
i love the color popping out of your blue ensemble!
Gellie Abogado said…
i love the necklace Sarah! Ganda! :P
i love the contrast of your necklace to your outfit :)
Hazel said…
i love it!! you should uhmm.. give it away? i mean as a giveaway prize? LOL! #suckerforgiveaway :))

aww i remember my mom who used to enroll me in all sorts of summer classes!!! :)
Noelle Chantal said…
Love the necklace!! You are very creative as always! :)
I'm excited for Nikola's activities this summer!! :) Pretty sure she'll enjoy all of them! ♥ Love your maxi skirt, Momma Sarah!! :) ALWAYS GORGEOUS.

Thank you so much for sharing this informative post.. Stay blessed!!