Postura Project Day 15 - 50s Neon

Can somebody please tell me why it gets scorching hot every Holy Week? There must be some sort of scientific explanation for this. The heat is unbearable, almost like beach weather in a cement covered city. Bad combination. Jeans and anything with sleeves is simply not an option for me anymore. So I wore this instead. I can't think of anything cooler than a breezy white top and shorts.

Yes, I know you see denim shorts practically everywhere. They're a dime a dozen but I love the silhouette this pair from Ralph Lauren has. The semi high waist gives it a more dressed up feel and it hugs the contours of my body in all the right places. From experience, it is quite rare to across some denim that fits divine. I love the pastel-ly wash on it too. As for proud and local, I paired it with this white top from Penshoppe which is easily becoming one of my summer staples. The burst of color this leather bracelet from Envy gives this outfit is just the right amount of oomph plus it compliments this vintage neon scarf that I've used as a belt to complete the whole "50's inspired" look. To complete the fresh, laidback look, I took my new nude sandals from VNC out for a spin for the first time and I am loving it. They're just right height and comfortable enough to go malling in. And lastly but definitely not the least, my favorite summer bag from Accessorize which you've seen in many, many outfit posts. So there, hope you like! How was your Holy Week? I spent it pretty much trying to do all that was on my list. Swam yesterday with the family, had a little reunion and a dvd marathon afterwards. 

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Unknown said…
Those legs require to see the light of day. You look good in daisy dukes ;)
Zeti Cuenca said…
Aww you're so cute in that outfit! You're even hotter than the scorching sun. Haha. :P
Perfect outfit for the unbearable heat, babe! ;) Love the combination!

Ansherina said…
Love it! Fave look! Peg ko rin XD

Almira :)
Gellie Abogado said…
I love the bag, Sarah! :))
krissy ♥ said…
I really, really, really like this outfit! Napaka-fresh :)

Umm, when I was young, someone told me that it gets this hot kapag Holy Week to remind us of how Jesus really suffered. I don't know if it's true but when you think about it, iba-iba naman natatapat ang Holy Week each year pero yun level ng init iba talaga eh. Yun lang bow hihi.
Andrea Comia said…
this is the only explanation I could give as to why it is hotter than the usual: the heat is pretty intense plus you are smokin' hot in that outfit! ;)
Images are really impressive. I think images play important part in articles and blogs. That’s what making this post more attractive and interesting.
Megann Monday said…
LEGS!!! :P Haha I'm jealous! This is so perfect for summer! Lalo na sa init ngayon. Pa-sinigang ka naman! Haha labo ko lang. :))

♥ Megann of Style Surgery
Aya said…
Love the outfit! Very boho-chic! xo
Unknown said…
You look very pretty, Sarah! Thank you for supporting Accessorize! Enjoy your summer!
Norbyah said…
just stopping by because i'm procrastinating....and i love to pop in from time to time. your hair is FAB!!! i love the color and the cut. loving all your recent outfits, too. that green top and the floaty skirt with the angled side!
i'll have to pop in more regularly!
beryl said…
i am in love with your bag, the detailing is soso beautiful and well crafted.

Unknown said…
I like the scarf used as a belt, and your legs look a mile long in these photos! You look great :D