Postura Project Day 17: Summer Neutrals

Hi Friends! First of all, I'd like to apologize for the lack of outfit posts lately. It's been too hot to go out and most of my days have been spent swimming in the pool so no real reason to dress up...and the times I do....second apology....what I wear is mostly white cause I can't bear to put anything else on and most of what I have in my cabinet is black. I need to stock up on pastels but I'm broke so you're probably gonna see me recycling a lot of my tops in clever ways, I hope :)

Back to the outfit. I wore this to walk to Greenhills to buy some toiletries for our house and a new bathing suit for Nikola. Shirt is from Bench Envi, Khaki's from Topshop, Belt from Memo, Shoes from SM Parisian, Giant Blue Shopper from Paisley and Green leather bracelet from Envy...and the orange scarf necklace is by me! Another variation of which was worn by Karylle yesterday on showtime! These necklaces as well as many other variations of it will hopefully be sold online soon through some .coms. Will update you when they're out. Hope you support me in my latest "coming soon" venture :)

Lastly, I would like to send out a big virtual hug to everyone supporting, voting and campaigning for me in the Parisian Bloggers Challenge. I am really, really touched by all the support and thanks to you guys, I am still in the top three and I hope you will continue to help me keep my position.

As my thanksgiving for everyone helping me out, I am having a giveaway, just click the link below to join:

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Gellie Abogado said…
very laid back outfit and you still look awesome, Sarah :)
Fresh look, babe! :) Love your necklace and shoes! Eyeing on them now!!! ♥

loving the neutrals! :) cute shorts and shoes by the way.

The Pink Margarita
Apple said…
eyeing your shoes.

elaine said…
love your necklace it gives accent to your outfit! =)
congratulations on the new venture! karylle rocked your creations! <3 love it!

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥
Leah said…
Yay I have that same bag from @anagon! Haha.

Love the shoes. :)
Issa said…
nice shoes! and like the simple outfit for summer! :)