Postura Project Day 20 - The Fashionista Commuter

Borrowed the title from the blog of a good friend of mine, Ana. :P Look at my nervous face...hahaha. Not very attractive, looks like I need a trip to the loo. hahaha

So anyway, back's what happened, let me share my adventure with you as I spent a day in the shoes of the fashionista commuter! (I keep on laughing/smiling everytime I type that phrase.)

Okay, here's what happened. I normally shun events on Tuesdays since my car is color coding. This time though it was for Perricone and it was at 11am so I thought, no problem, window hours, so I RSVP'd only to find out the day before that the coding break doesn't exist in Makati...okay....but it was Perricone and I wasn't about to miss it just because of coding.

To better understand my dilemma, you'll have to understand that growing up, I was never allowed by my mom and grandparents to commute because of the dangers involved. I was bombarded with horror stories here and there of things that happened to a friend, a friend of a friend or a cousin while on route in a taxi towards their destination.  So naturally, all these stories got stuck in my head and thankfully, I have never been faced with a situatuion wherein I will have to commute by myself alone, until this day.

I have ridden cabs before but always with friends. This was my first time alone and it was HOT and I was thinking that maybe my attire might have been a little too skimpy for a cab ride but upon consultation with my friends, they said it was okay, just put your bag on your lap to cover your legs. So this I did. I also brought along an extra pair of flats like they do so I wouldn't get tired in case it was hard to catch a ride home. Turns out, I really didn't need it but it's always better to come prepared.

In case you can relate to me about this situation, here are some tips. I think I've graduated from this experience and I now feel old enough (HA-HA) to commute by myself and not be held hostage at home just because our car is coding.

Before you take that ride, here are some things to remember:

  1. Choose your cab wisely. Don't get in if the locks are busted or if the driver smells like alcohol or is somewhat suspicious-looking.
  2. Once inside the cab, immediately text the plate number and company of the cab you're riding in to your husband/parents/friend.
  3. Always sit behind the driver and carry something sharp with you, a nail file can do just fine or better yet travel with pepper spray. Sitting behind the driver makes it more difficult for him to maneuver himself towards you, and you can easily stick that sharp object at his neck just in case he tries to do something funny.

Things I wish we didn't have to deal with when riding cabs:

  1. That STENCH! most cabs have this characteristic smell of cheap air freshener, diesel and man sweat which makes riding a taxi nauseating especially when mixed in with the manila heat.
  2. Why do they always have to drive like they're competing in NASCAR??? So many close-calls in just this one trip! My heart!!! hahaha

So, the lesson of the story is, I survived and made it to the event in one piece. I probably made too much of a big deal out of it but I still think it is better to be paranoid and safe than complacent and careless.

And in case you're wondering...yes I will most probably take another cab ride by myself again soon. I find it quite convenient, especially on Tuesdays.:P Plus, I don't have to bother myself with finding a parking slot!

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A N A G O N said…
hahahaha good job sarah! next time bus naman, hahaha joke lang baka maheart attack ka na! ;D
grabe ang cab sakin luxury na ;P
hahaha, takot ako sa bus kse umaandar daw kahit di ka pa nakaupo! clumsy pa naman ako :)) mrt nalang, game ako!!!
mestizay said…
i love the look loves!
naku, am scared of commuting too but that was before i met my hubby who has mold me to be "street smart"!LOL!
Janelle said…
I always wear flats when commuting, mas madaling tumakbo kesa heels :)
Melai said…
It's your first time to commute alone? Sounds like you've lived a sheltered life, but great job on being safe and surviving it. I blog about commuting in style tips so if you need some, I'm sure Ana has lots as well.

Looking great as usual dear! :)

Melai of Style and Soul
MJC said…
welcome to the world of commuting in manila. haha. love the shoes.