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 If you’re looking for a site where you can browse and buy products from our talented local designers, look no further. Introducing Designer Row, a brand new section on Summit Media’s virtual mall, With the cause of supporting local talents in mind, the new section features the Philippine fashion industry’s well-loved designers. First up we have Arnold Galang and his many incarnations of the little black dress, Enrico Carado with his collection of boldly printed cocktail dresses, Lally Dizon and her elegant leather clutches, and Yekky Balingit’s Miadore with his edgy accessories.

A fashionable transition from SUMMER to RAINY DAY!

With the weather going from sunny to rainy lately, Supermodel and Project Runway host Heidi Klum was right when she said “in fashion one day you’re in and the next day you’re out!” With the weather in transition don’t let your style be left out! In these days, staying in-style is actually easy and exciting and not expensive at all! With just a couple of small purchases of the right accessories and mix and clothes you have, you don’t have to spend a lot! 
The key to a fashionable “transition” style is not to change the clothes that you wear or the summer style you rock with your tan from your weekend vacation, it still is summer but not completely!  All you need to do to “Accessorize!”
The key to changing your looks from day to night, office to party or even from sunny to rainy isn’t expensive after all. All you need are a couple of bags and shoes and a couple of accessories and you are ready to be in-fashion regardless of the weather or where you are going!
Tomato, your up to the minute fashion retail store gives you a wide collection of bags, shoes and watches that will make any piece of clothing you wear appropriate for any weather or occasion.  Just like a good looking boyfriend in your arms that catches everyone’s attention when you walk in the malls, Tomato’s bags are lookers! The designs and styles are so “now” yet utilitarian.  Colors range from bright colors to earth tone palette and are surprisingly so affordable that you can buy multiple pieces to suit your mood for the day!  Another attention grabbing TOMATO merchandise are their wide selection of sandals and flats that are simply drop dead gorgeous! So affordably fashionable and comfortable. Perfect for the heat of the sun or the rain of the cloudy weather!  So if you are still confused of what clothes to wear during these times, don’t be anymore. Just wear anything you will look good in and grab some TOMATO delicious bags and flats and you are set to go anywhere you want! 


 Beyonce with Super Sunglasses SUPER, by RETROSUPERFUTURE®, ignited the phenomenon of acetate sunglasses and Super Sunglasses will soon be on Philippine shores. They are made in multiple color graduations, which have generated a big trend starting in 2007. Super is the first brand to produce a complete range of colorful fashion sunglasses combining these characteristics together with a very high quality manufacturing process. Super Sunglasses are made with the highest possible standards, handcrafted in Italy by the best manufacturers and with the best materials. For this reason, Super also decided to adopt Zeiss lenses, which guarantee an extremely high level of protection to the eyes in all conditions.

 Since their introduction, artists, celebrities, athletes, and trendsetters have been wearing Super Sunglasses: Kanye West, Daft Punk, Who Made Who, Justice, Pedro Winter (and his “Ed Crew”), Simian Mobile Disco, CSS, St. Vincent, The Kills, Elio Fiorucci, Sienna MIller, Jessica Alba and Valentino Rossi are just a few who have been seen sporting a Super.

 Officially launched in Spring 2007, Super is currently distributed in over 350 shops worldwide. You can find them in some of the most influential trend-leaders stores such as Colette in Paris, Barney's New York, 10 Corso Como in Milan, Bodega in Boston, Fred Segal in Los Angeles, Steven Alan, Paris Texas in Denmark, Caliroots in Sweden, and many others.

 In its first year, Super was already featured in prestigious international magazines like Vogue (USA), i-D (UK), WAD (France), NY Times (USA), People Style Watch (USA) as well as hundreds of online blogs including High Snobiety, Hype Beast, Josh Spear, and SlamXHype. Kanye West and Gwen Stefani SUPER has also enjoyed important collaboration projects. Special limited edition sunglasses starting with Caliroots by Super produced 50 units and were sold-out in three days. Barneys NY by Super produced only 100 pieces, and the Alife by Super have been featured as the product of the day at the Bread & Butter Barcelona tradeshow in Summer 2008. The Story Behind the Shades Daniel Beckerman is the founder of Super by Retrosuperfuture. He is also the publisher, with his brother Simon, of PIG Magazine, the most prestigious independent music and fashion magazine in Italy, which is paired with PIG Radio, an influential indie music web-radio. The idea came out from Daniel when he realized that there was no eyewear brand that was representing a certain type of fashion culture: “What about all the other street couture brands? Nobody was playing fun in eyewear like the great expressions you can see in the clothing business. All shades were black, tortoise, grey and maybe some white or red, that’s it… where are the shades for me and my friends?” David Beckham At this point Daniel asked Simon and Sean Beolchini to follow him in all of the creative aspects that Super had to face. The flea markets have been a great inspiration, and the fact that Sean, before Super, had always worn a different pair of shades for the different moods of the day. The problem was quality and eye protection, an important aspect of eyewear that many people do not underestimate. The business strategy, if there was one, was to give people something that was the best quality product at the most reasonable price. Luckily the home of the team was Italy, the best country in which to produce sunglasses. Super teamed up with one of the most well-known German lens company Zeiss' sunlenses division: after a first look, Zeiss enthusiastically joined the project. Rihanna The prototypes were produced on winter 2006 and the team, who were wearing them at all the events they attended, realized the immediate responses they were having from people. Together with Milan’s showroom Pink and sales master Chicco d’Errico, Super did an astonishing sales campaign. All the top stores carrying the sunglasses were continuously making reorders. Super Sunglasses had become such a hit that big names in the industry quickly updated their collections and introduced similar “colorized” sunglasses with multiple colors, confirming and giving credit to Super for anticipating this worldwide phenomenon. Christina Aguilera and Katy Perry For the second season, Super introduced spin-offs from the original model. They introduced newer shapes such as the “Flat Tops” and the “Ciccio,” and the first colored/mirrored Zeiss sun lens made with a special technique called Flash Electric. Super also introduced various other production techniques like particular prints and special engraving for the first time on these types of sunglasses. Nicki Minaj and Ciara wearing Super Sunglasses Watch out for Super Sunglasses in the Philippines! # # # # #

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