Beauty And Butter Spa Date Winners

Sorry it took so long for me to make this announcement. I had a really difficult time choosing the winner.

It got a little too sentimental for me at some point and it seemed as if there was no way I was going to be able to make a decision soon so I enlisted the help of Dennis.

I made a shortlist of all my favorite entries and let him pick the top 3 for me.

Just in case you're curious, Here's the shortlist of my favorite entries:

  1. Essa Polanco
  2. Mary Jane Ocol
  3. Bea Perez
  4. Ana Monica Ayungao
  5. Frances
  6. Gellie Abogado
  7. Katherine Rose Rivera
  8. Lilli Abatayo
  9. Agraco dela Cruz
  10. Rizza Joy Vista
  11. Marjulis Cruz
  12. Alleyson Laurice
  13. Cassandra Bermudez
  14. Dara Asinas
  15. Marilyn Perena
  16. Karla Battung
  17. Anne Purifacacion
  18. Zeti Cuenca
  19. Margaret Gomez
  20. Almira de Villa
  21. Snooky Daang
  22. Gift Punzalan
  23. Sunshine Manahan
Thank you girls! Your answers were all so sweet and seemed really sincere but sadly, I can only choose 3.

Here are Dennis's top picks:

Congratulations Marilyn Perena, Lilli Abatayo, and Bea Perez! 

I think you all really deserve this special break and I can't wait to bond with you! Please email me at so we can finally schedule a day of pampering and fun! 

See you!!! 


Joanne Olaes said…
Congratulations to the winners! :)
SunDMan said…
Aw. Thanks for including me on the top 20. It's already a pleasure. I know time will come SOON i'll finally meet you! So excited! Congrats to all the winners!♥
Kath Rivera said…
Congrats to the winners! Having me on the shortlisted names is a pleasure already. THere's always a next time :)
Gellie Abogado said…
congrats to the winners. happy to have been shortlisted naman :))
Lilli Abatayo said…
omg!!!ngaun ko lang po to nabasa ng bakasyon po kasi kmi!!!thank you po!!!!!!!!!
MJC said…
congratulations to the winners! im in the top? whoa. thanks! :)