DIY: Kimono (How To Sew A Kimono)

Hi! I know I promised this DIY earlier but I didn't have time to finish it before leaving today so without further delay. Here it is :)

Skill Level - Medium
Duration - about 1-3 hours

*this is quite lengthy so please bear with me and I hope you like :)

What You'll Need:

  1. An old kimono or robe you are willing to deconstruct. (if you dont have one, read on)
  2. fabric of your choice, sheer chiffon works best (about P180/yard). depending on your size, you will need about 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 yards (best to ask store attendant, they will help you decide how much you need)
  3. Sewing machine, scissors, pins and matching thread, seam ripper. You can use needle and thread but I don't know how long that's gonna take (if you're planning to go the manual route I suggest using fabric that doesn't fray like jersey)

*if you don't have an old kimono or robe, you may use an old, loose fitting shirt

For this project I chose sheer chiffon in a peacock feather print:

Before I get started, I would just like to remind you to be patient. Sewing your own clothes can get frustrating sometimes but keep in mind that the feeling you get after someone gives you a compliment for something you made yourself is priceless. <3


  • Deconstruct your kimono using your seam ripper. You will end up with 5 pieces, two sleeves, 2 front panels, and one back panel. If you're using an old t-shirt, deconstruct that as well, cut front into two pieces to make your front panels.
  • Lay your fabric flat on a work table and place your de-constructed pieces on top and cut:

You will end up with 5 pieces that look like this:

  • Sew front panels to back panels at the shoulders, making sure that the "right sides" are facing one another:

  • Then zig-zag to prevent the fabric from fraying:

  • Sew the sides of your kimono together then zig-zag

  • You will end up with something roughly resembling a vest, like this:
kimono tutorial

  • Grab your sleeves:

  • Sew open ends together, again making sure that right sides are facing each other, do both sleeves:

  • And you will end up with something like this:

  • Up next, the trickiest part and the part I hate the most, attaching your sleeve. Be patient, this might take more than one go. The important thing to remember here is that you must perfect this process so you don't have a hard time later on.
  • Attach sleeve to the body of your kimono slowly. Make the fabric stand and sort of form an upright circle, this makes the process easier. Pin both pieces together:

how to attach a sleeve

  • Carefully sew both pieces together, starting and ending at the armpit:

  • When you're done, it will look like this:

  • Whew! Time to take a breather and wipe that sweat off your forehead!
  • Here comes the easy part, sew the "loose ends" of your kimono. Fold fabric twice, about a quarter of an inch and sew, do the sleeves first, then the front panels, and lastly, the hem.

  • Congratulations! You just saved a lot of money and made yourself a kimono! 
  • Wear and style:
kimono festival fashion

Hope you liked this DIY! If you had a hard time following this one, I have an easier version but of course the silhouette will be a bit different. Let me know if you want it :)


Unknown said…
This is the reason why I really wanted to have a sewing machine! ^__^
thank you! you should get one, really worth it :)
mestizay said…
okay you lost me in deconstructing!haha
i tried sewing since my grandma loves to sew and i just suck at it.:(
i love this! can i just buy one from you?hahah
Anonymous said…
I love ur blog but let me tell you, your pictures really have low quality.
Charlotte said…
Brilliant. I am going to give this a go. Might try it out on some old fabric first before using the good one.
Wonder Woman said…
How sad is it that I gave up reading after reading the "What You'll Need" bit. Basta if I need anything done, I'll pay you to do it nalang. Safer that way! Hahaha. Miss you na! :(

Win AWESOME furniture here:
bongga nito!!! i should force my mom to make me a kimono haha :D love this diy sarah!!
Rovie, The Bargain Doll
Kaisensei said…
We have a SINGER sewing machine at our house but I don't know how to use it! lol. It belongs to my mom. Now that I've seen this, I'm mighty tempted to pester my mom to teach me basic sewing skills. Wala nga lang time.. :P But this looks like a good DIY! Thanks for sharing!
Kim said…
this one's an amazing DIY!
My mother's sewing machine's just around the house and no one's using it. Seems like a good idea to use it :P but when I have the free time hehe
@anonymous: i know right? it really i s my weakness but im trying the best i can to improve them a little at a time. my husband takes my photos but he's not really into photography, trying to get him more into it so i can convince him to attend a workshop. thank you for bringing this to my attention though, and for reading my blog despite the grainy photos. have a nice day! :)
thank you all for your comments :)
Unknown said…
sana lang i knew how to sew! haha.
Unknown said…
Nooooooo! None of the pictures work D:
hi lillian! i wasnt aware, will try to repair this post asap. thank you! :)