DIY - Neon Injection

Neon is everywhere and is probably one of the biggest fashion trends this year. Learn how to update your wardrobe on the cheap with this very simple DIY process!

What You'll Need:

  1. Neon Spray Paint - about P300 and can be purchased at most hardware shops. Try True Value or Ace Hardware.
  2. Tape
  3. Whatever you want to inject neon into, in this case, a straw fedora which I bout in SM last year for only P150.
  4. Put those awful credit card bills to use and use them as scratch paper to protect areas of your project :P

How To:

  1. Protect the areas you don't want the paint to penetrate by protecting it with tape and your old credit card bills/newspaper/scratch paper. :P
  2. Go to ventilated area and spray on your first coat (follow instructions on the back of spray can)
  3. Repeat after a couple of minutes.

You're done!

You can also apply the same rules for a variety of  other projects. Here are a couple of my favorites which I am planning to get started on soon:

*paint the bottom of an old straw/native bag

*spray paint an old necklace/earrings/bracelet

and my absolute favorite, paint the heels of your old pumps!

I'm still searching my dungeon of a shoe cabinet for a perfect pump for this project. Will share with you when I've found it

There you go! Hope this inspired you to start spraying. I would love to see what items you decide to  inject some neon into. Share? :)

Remember guys, before you pull out that credit card from your wallet, search your cabinets first. There may be a lot of things you can still DIY to save cash :)


Unknown said…
crazy cool! i love it sarah! perfect diy for summer :>
thank you carizza :)
In love with this neon DIY!! ♥ Galing!

Khyutee said…
wow! ang galing.. kewl ng idea! :)