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The best decision I've made my entire life was to have Nikola. Nothing beats being a mom. The nine months spent in anticipation of her arrival was one of the most memorable experiences of my life. I recall it being a rollercoaster of emotions from excitement, bliss, fear and the feeling of inadequacy, maybe you can blame it on the hormones. Being the shoppingera that I am, baby shopping was one of my favorite past times when I was pregnant. I remember rushing to Baby & Co right after I found out I was pregnant! :)) Figures...

Anyway, due to my delinquent shopping habits, ignorance and eagerness to complete my dream baby arsenal, I ended up purchasing a lot of baby items that I thought were essentials at the time but ended up unused and stored in the cabinet that holds all our forgotten belongings. I wasted a lot of money on these things which I could have spent on milk and diapers instead.

That is why I am writing this post, I hope I will be able to help confused, first time expectant mothers like I was to figure out the essentials needed by both mother and baby to ensure a happy and nurturing first year.

Since this issue is very close to my heart, I have a hard time writing it as a "proper article", if you don't mind, I would like to convey my knowledge with you as if we were in a one on one conversation.

So here's a first hand account of my experience being pregnant with Nikola. I hope you enjoy reading this post! :)

Like I said, when I found out I was pregnant, I rushed to Baby & Co to go shopping right away, me and Dennis spent most of our weekends in Podium. I, shopping and him eating. The whole time I was pregnant, I didn't get any cravings (lihi), it was Dennis who did most of the eating for me. HAHA! I remember him being  obssesed with FIC's Raspberry Ice Cream, Delifrance's croissant sandwiches filled with egg salad and extra chicken, and wanton noodle soup. All white. Cute noh? I was happy with cheese pizza from SNR.

Back to the shopping, since I didn't know the sex of my baby yet at the time, I ended up buying a lot of white and yellow clothes. I also bought a lot of other stuff I never used. Here's a list of the things I bought and wether or not you should purchase them for yourself:

  1. Manual Breast Pump - useless. Invest in an electric. I wasn't blessed with a lot of breastmilk. I felt like a cow with the manual breast pump. We would spend an entire afternoon taking turns pumping and trying to express my milk for freezing. After all that work, we would hardly end up with a bottle's worth.
  2. Bottle warmer - Unless you freeze breast milk, you don't need it. And even if you do freeze breast milk, some hot water in a small basin will do the job plus you save on electrcity.
  3. Sterilizer - must buy.
  4. Mittens - At first I thought I wouldn't need these cause we live in a tropical country but mittens work great to prevent scratches on your baby's face especially after you cut their nails. Make sure you get the ones you tie up. The garterized version always comes off.
  5. Basins - must buy. Little ones for spongebaths, larger ones for dirty bottles or clothes. I like separating my baby's clothes from adult clothes during laundry.
  6. Tie-sides - mustt buy. Babies hate changing clothes. These are the easiest to put on.  Get them in all the available variations, sleeveless, short sleeves and long sleeves. Although rompers are cute, save them for when your baby is a few months older :)
  7. Shoes - I am a self-confessed shoe addict so naturally I bought a lot of cute little pairs for Nikola too. I hardly used them and I never used the ones with rubber soles. At most, get a couple and make sure they are of the soft variation.
  8. Baby towels - buy A LOT of these. You will need A LOT!
  9. Baby Blankets - unless you live in Baguio or a cold country, you won't really need these. A few will do.
  10. Baby Bath Towels - very cute indeed with the little hoods but not very absorbent. My advice, get a few for your baby when she is in her first months, when she's strong enough to support her head, graduate to kids towels.
  11. TOYS - the child in me loves toys. I bought a lot which Nikola didn't care for. Keep it to a minimum. When it comes to gym mats, I like Lamaze. I had several other brands but she used the Lamaze mat the most. I felt safe with it since it was made with entirely soft materials. I'm sure there are a lot more new baby brands out there, just keep in mind to check the back for materials used. Make sure it is safe and babyies can only see red white and black in their first few months.
  12. Diapers - although disposable diapers seem a lot more convenient at first, they are extremely toxic to the environment and can cause a lot of irritation to your baby's skin. I strongly suggest trying Next9's Tushy Wushy's. I used these on Nikola and I was very satisfied with the product, easy to wash and they dry fast too!
  13. Baby Sling - wear your baby and keep her close to your heart. Wearing your baby often also forms a loving bond between the two of you plus you have your hands free to do other things.
  14. Bottles - invest in good, bpa free and colic free bottles. 
  15. Vaporizer - nice to have handy when your baby catches a cold.
  16. Pacifiers - try to avoid if possible
  17. Baby Monitor - very useful especially when you don't have a yaya. Make sure to test it first. The first one I got was 110 :S
  18. Baby Clothes - try to put these off until your baby is older. They're warm and uncomfortable plus your baby might choke on buttons, ribbons and other attachments.
  19. Rocking chair - invest in a rocking chair instead of those "baby sleepers'. I never used mine, nursing your baby in a rocking chair will make the experience more comfortable for you.
  20. Strollers - when it comes to purchasing your stroller, try to get the lightest, most compact one you can find that can "grow" with your baby.
There's my list. Hope it helped. Feel free to email me if you have any more questions, you can reach me thru or twitter: @sarahtirona

I don't usually write a post this lengthy for product endorsements but I strongly believe in the brand I am about to introduce to you.

Begininnings Baby. 

I wish this was around when Nikola was still a baby...

Beginnings baby is a brand that specializes in all white baby clothing.

Why white?

Because babies look like angels in white! Don't you agree? :)

Some other reasons you should choose white:

  • Unisex, you can recyle for next baby :)
  • Easier to spot stains and dirt 
  • Clean and cool to baby's skin
Some babies have very sensitive skin and may have a reaction to certain chemicals found in clothing dyes. Nikola was one of these babies. Certain clothing used to give her rashes that's why from experience I have learned that clean, white, print-free clothing is the safest option to go with.

Beginnings Baby is made with safe and durable components to ensure that they last with your baby even long after they've outgrown them.

Here are some examples of the products they carry:

Super cute and soft baby shoes for Baptism or visits to the mall. Keep your baby's feet warm :)

Essential Tie-sides in all shapes and sizes:

Baby panties are great when worn over diapers. Sometimes, disposable diapers lose the glue on its tape, these panties work great to keep them in place. Nikola also wore these over her Tushy Wushy's to prevent the velcro from coming undone. Some babies have the knack for taking off their diapers, these panties will prevent them from doing so. Make sure you get a size that can accomodate their diapers. :)

Beginnings Baby also grows with your baby. Toddlers use A LOT of tank tops during the day.

As a mom, I strongly approve of  the entire Beginnings baby line. 

The team behind Begininngs Baby controlled the urge to add appliques, prints in pretty colors and the like to make it more attractive to consumers, instead they concentrated on perfecting a product that is safe and durable for your baby to use. In my opinion, a very risky decision that is only willing to be done by a company that truly cares for your baby.

Beginnings Baby is available in Department Stores at very affordable prices (P100-200+ for a 3 pack)


i learned a lot from this post. :)
im 35weeks and Beginnings are one of the things i bought for my first baby haul
kaso kulang pa rin kc hindi complete ang set nung store.. Wish to give my babe the best :)
really drooling over these!
D said…
Awww those are the cutest. Buti nalang I'm preggy ngayon. Another excuse to shop for baby clothes. LOL :)
how exciting!!! i miss having a baby so much!
Hazel said…
awww, reading this entire post made me excited to have a baby someday!!! :) i also love that their brand name is easy to remember!
Unknown said…
Nice post! very informative. :)