Ms Eggplant x Laura Mercier Mother's Day Giveaway!

As most of you know, I am a mom to a beautiful 5 year old daughter. Although being a mother is very fulfilling, it is also very taxing. That is why we all deserve to be pampered on this one special day dedicated especially to us and our mothers. 

To celebrate the love of Mothers, I teamed up with none other than my favorite make up brand, Laura Mercier, to bring to you this very special giveaway.

Up for grabs is the highly coveted Riviera palette ($40), Mineral Powder ($35), Hand Cream ($15) and gift certificates worth P200 from Mischief for make up brushes!

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This giveaway will end on June 5, 2012
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Czjai said…
Czjai Reyes-Ocampo

GFC: Czjai Reyes-Ocampo
Tweet URL:!/RebelSweetHrt/status/198784809059876865
FB post:

One of the most unforgettable mommy experiences I've ever had would have to be hearing my son cry for the very first time.

I gave birth via NSD so I pretty much went through all the agony - the labor pain, the contractions, trying to get the baby pop out of me.

But hearing him cry, seeing him, holding him for the first time, it was worth all the pain! If I had to do it all over again for my little man, I would! :)
Name: Gemnikka Alcantara
GFC name: Gemnikka A.
Tweet URL:!/icraveforbliss/status/198786824905293826

Additional entries:
Followed on bloglovin' (

What is your most unforgettable experience with your mom?

I have so many unforgettable moments with my mom. Honestly, every moment with her is a moment worth-keeping. But I think the most memorable one was when I was confined in the hospital because I was diagnosed of having Dengue last year. I felt how much she loves me... how much she cares for me. She never did leave my side whenever I needed her the most. She also felt how much I was suffering that very moment. She is God's most precious gift to me. And I want to make her feel her importance to me despite our distance. :)

Thank you for this heartwarming giveaway, Sarah! :) Advance Happy Mother's Day to you! xx
Marijo Camacho said…
Majo Camacho
GFC: demiurgicmajo
bloglovin' : demiurgicmajo!/majojocamacho/status/198790216495013890

My most unforgettable experience with my mom was when I was in high school and we rode a bus going to Manila. It was a first time for us! (Coz usually we ride a car with my dad/whole family.) We really had fun watching/noticing a lot of different people and realized a lot of things. That experience made me realize that I'm lucky and taught me how to be satisfied with what I have.

I love Laura Mercier coz of it's high end products and very sophisticated packaging!
Unknown said…
name: Aiko Orcilla
GFC name: Aykulith
tweet URL:!/aykulith/status/198792690454892544
Kara said…
Kara Amanda C. Macadangdang

FB name: Kara Macadangdang
GFC name: Kara Macadangdang
Tweet link:!/kararrific/status/198788344426135554
Blog post:
Displayed the giveaway button and link at
Bloglovin' name: the genial current of the soul

Every moment I spend with my mom is an unforgettable experience for me. Lalo na when we go shopping together or just have heart to heart talks. But my most unforgettable experience with my mom would have to be when my dad became sick and needed to be operated. I saw a different side of my mom in that time but it was unforgettable for me because I saw how strong she is. We spent time borrowing money from relatives, even from politicians. In that time of ordeal and all the times we have spent together, I learned a lot of things from her like being strong and not giving up easily no matter what.

I love my mom so much and a treat like this would be perfect for her! Thank you so much, Ms. Sarah! :)
melandria romero

gfc - melandria romero
facebook ; melandria romero



my most unforgettable experience being a mom is when i first see my first born (daughter) after a series of event in my life, having experienced two miscarriage and needs to bed rest and the pain of losing my father before my pregnacy, i felt that i'm complete as a woman, she's an angel sent from above to guide and give me strength.
Name: Maria Ysabel Maunay
GFC Name: yssa
Tweet link:!/yssamaunay/status/198813576327217152

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What is your most unforgettable experience with your mom?

Me and my mom seldom see and bond with each other because of her work schedule but it never hindered us to have a quality time together. So, for me the most unforgettable experience with my mom is whenever she's on her 2 day rest day. By those days, we always find a way to maximize our time in order to make up for the days that we missed talking and bonding with each other. Within her rest day period, we go to church, dine on a resto while making chikahan and walk together in the mall. Sometimes, we just spend her rest day/s at home eating and watching movies together.

Sometimes, I just miss my mom but I'm still thankful that she doesn't work 24/7 and she still managed to spare her time with her only daughter. Mother's Day is fast approaching and I wanna give the Best Mom in the world a repay for all the goodness and support she has done to me. I love my mom forever! :)))
I forgot my FB link post. Sorry.
Kath Rivera said…
Name: Katherine Rose Coronel-Rivera
GFC: Kath
Tweet url:!/Kathneko/status/198870959694954496
Blog post link:
Displayed the giveaway button and the link at: http//
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Answer to the question:
My most unforgettable experience as a mom was when my son is confined at the hospital for 5 days. I'm really sad and hopeless seeing my son in pain. He's just 5 months old when he suffered from UTI and I know this is really painful for him. I can see it through his eyes that's it hard for him to pee but he can't tell me, only tears falling from his eyes. I'm thankful that he's ok now and that experience taught me to be strong and there will be more things that will come my way as a mother.
joined!! :)

followed you in bloglovin and liked your page :)!/roviedear/status/198877598263164929
Kimberly R. said…
Name : Kimberly Rampersad


GFC- same!/trinicutiegal/status/198884748976861186
Name: Bec San Diego
Email adress: wednesdei[at]gmail[dot]com
GFC name: Bec
Tweet URL.!/wednesdei/status/198919881410871297
Anonymous said…
name: Itin
email adress:
GFC name: Itin
tweet URL:!/itinbiquecalvo/status/198954816662286336

I have so many unforgettable experiences with my mom. One of my favorites was when me and mom went to a dolphin show. That was the first and last time I got to see those witty animals up-close!
leilani said…
leilani sonza
GFC: leilani

I remembered when I was still in college and there was an abusive professor. He cursed me infront of my classmates just because I mistakenly thought that I was part of the group who must attend a seminar. I came home crying. My mom just told me to let it go and forget about it. Not knowing, that after sending my sister to the hospital, she went directly to my school and reprimanded my abusive professor. I just learned about it the next day. I asked my mom about it but she denied it. I love her so much and I miss her so much. Her 3rd death anniversary will be in June 9.
Crysy said…
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Crysy said…
Crystal Marie Cañete

GFC: Crysy
Tweet URL:!/dearcrysy/status/199085008286257153

Additional Entries:
FB post:
Blog Post:
Bloglovin' Follower:

My most unforgettable experience with Mama was when I saw her crying with joy as she put on the medal to me during college. I made her proud for graduating Cum Laude and all of her efforts as single mother did all worth it.

Honestly, I haven't used any Laura Mercier products yet but if given a chance to own one for free, I'd be so glad to use it with care. I love make ups and whether cheap or dear, I make sure to maximize the use of it, almost wearing it everyday as I'm having face to face encounters with my clients doing sales. =D
Rochelle said…
First of all, Happy Mother's Day to You dear :)

1. GFC: Rochelle S. Ostonal
2. Like Ms. Eggplant's Chronicles on Facebook: as Rochelle Sacdalan
3. Followed you on Twitter: @superOche09


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5. Answered question: for daughters: What is your most unforgettable experience with your mom? or "Why do you love Laura Mercier?" +5 entries

ANS: As a daugther to my most loving mother in the world, my most unforgettable experience with my mom is when we have trip to tagaytay, just the two of us. This is actually her surprised gift for me when I was turned 19 years old. We had tripping, craving for foods, eat and eat until we fully loaded, took pictures as if we are models, laughed for each jokes like its just the two of us that will undestand and others will find it "mababaw". Habulan..until we get tired. And now I am 23 years old, busy as a working girl, trying to help my family in most of the things that I could do for her, for them. And I faced the truth that,what bonding we have before, as in super bonded, is impossible to happen again with my nature of work I am in. But I always assure her that quality time together for my family will never be replaced by my work. You day is a family day. And for my Mommy, you will always be my besfriend, my only mother, my adviser, my greatest fear. i love you so much! :)

And I love Laura Mercier because it have the quality na once you used it and you're in front of your Mirror.. lalo na the Mineral Powder.. I couldn't help to say "wow nman ang ganda lalo ng fez ko.. I mean the skin of my face" chos!"
Unknown said…
Name: June Izabelle Roque
GFC: June Izabelle

Shared in Facebook:
Followed on bloglovin:
jean gargoles said…
Name: Jean Rana Marie Gargoles
GFC: Jean Gargoles

Stephanie Ann said…
GFC - Stefanie Gladden
facebook - Stefanie Gladden
twitter - @steffers516
tweeted -!/steffers516/status/199233518839140353
name - Stefanie Gladden

follow on bloglovin - Stefanie Gladden

I love Laura Mercier products, they have great makeup!
Carolyn Ong said…
Name: Carolyn Ong
GFC Name: Carolyn Ong

Followed in Bloglovin:

My most unforgettable experience with my mom was on my high school graduation. My grandmother died a few days before my graduation so my mom because she has to be at the wake & couldn't go to my graduation. I understand the situation and accepted it without complains. When I got home she surprised me with a gold necklace. I know she wants to be there in my graduation so she made up by a gift. It wasn't the necklace that touched me but the thought that's why she the best mom.

I haven't tried Laura Mercier products so I would like to try it.
Unknown said…
carmi compasivo
GFC & twitter: carmiscaprice

Travelling to beautiful places with my mom (Davao, Bora, Bohol..etc) is ALWAYS unforgettable and priceless!
Agnes Dela Cruz said…
Agnes Dela Cruz
GFC: Agnes DC
tweet url:!/magz_dc/status/199330406443663361

Fb share:
Followed u at Bloglovin :

The most unforgettable experience as a Mom was when I gvae birth to my kids and I officially became a Mom. Giving birth was the most fulfilling experience a woman can have.
Name: Paula Palo Panlaqui
GFC: anschluss_phau23
Tweet url:!/paularoyale/status/199370416651907074

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Rhania E. said…
Name: Rhania Escueta Chang
GFC: rhaindropz

My most unforgettable experience with my mom, is the time i gave birth to my first baby. Im not close to my mom, these moment make me feel closer to her.

"Nay, I Love you and Happy Mothers Day too, thank you for taking good care of Angel Rhaine."
Mars Gemilga said…
Name: Marcel Oyao Gemilga
GFC Name: Mars Gemilga
Tweet URL:!/marsh_harsh/status/199422356647714817

Additional Entry:
-Followed your blog via Bloglovin
-My most unforgettable experience with my mom is when she hugged me because I was hysterically crying due to our family problem. She was crying at the same time. She's the one who needed a hug, but it was her who hugged me. It's a sad moment, but I will never forget how martyr a mother she is. No matter what, she continues to be the most loving and sacrificing mother to us.
christine said…
christine batiller
GFC: christine
twitter link:!/tinbatiller/status/199455956344643585
additional entry: facebook share
followed you in bloglovin'
my most unforgettable experience with my Mame is when she was whispering prayers in my ears when i was on labor with my son.
gayle sy said…
Abigail Sy
GFC: gayle sy!/abbysy11/status/199477184417640449
gerilen polon
twit here:!/gerilen/status/199479409936310272
gfc: gerilen elinessete
im 36weeks and im excited to be a mom, now im trying to show my love for my mom now that i realize how irreplaceable she is to my life, she's my inspiration and my model..
blog about the giveaway here:
share on fb here:
giveaway button here:
Issa said…
Name: Norissa Chavez
GFC: Issa

FB post:

Followed on bloglovin (email:

My most unforgettable experience with my mom was when my son had a very rare disease (GBS- Guillain Barre Syndrome). My son was hospitalized for a month and he's in a critical condition. My mom was always there to give me strength and she didn't leave my side. She slept every single day with me at the hospital to help me care for my son. She always know what to do and I believe she also gave strength to my son to survive that disease. She would also pray with me for the recovery of my son. After that sickness, my son had therapies for him to be able to walk properly again. My mom was still the one who goes with me or if I'm not available she will be the one to accompany my son to therapies. Few months after that, my husband left me and it was still my mom who would always be there to comfort me. Up to now, my mom is the one helping me take care of my son while I'm at work. I don't know what I'm gonna do without my mom. I can't thank her enough for everything she has done for me and my son.
Agnes Dela Cruz said…!/magz_dc/status/199659485172727809

Agnes Dela Cruz
Istin said…
name: Maria Christina Gumatay
email address:
tweet URL:!/istin21/status/199758675760517120

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Answer any 1 of these questions: What is your most unforgettable experience as a mom? +5 entries

My most unforgettable experience was when I gave birth to my two kids. I experienced the painless and the normal way of giving birth.
I gave birth in a hosspital for my eldest and in a lying-in clinic for my youngest. It was a tough experience for me because i have a short tolerance for pain. But yes, every pain is worth it. Seeing them afterwards eases the pain and the whole 9 months of carrying them in my womb. Definitely, children /kids are a blessing from God.
Unknown said…
name: Thea Peralta
email ad:
GFC name: Tootsie Jean
tweet URL:!/tootsieaht/status/200018095627190275
Vina Yabut said…
Marie Lyn Vina Yabut
GFC Vina Yabut!/vinayabut/status/200206216499171328
Lourdes Espanol said…
Name: Lourdes D. Espanol
GFC name: Malou
Tweet URL:!/kikayprincess02/status/200224947224842240

Additional Entries:

Blog Post:

Blog Sidebar:

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Followed on Bloglovin:

My most unforgettable experience with my mom was when we went to the US to visit my sister. We had such a great time going around San Francisco and then Phoenix.
bochog said…
name-Allan Reyes
GFC name-Allan Reyes
tweet URL-!/allanoreyes/status/200430941485801472
Unknown said…
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Unknown said…
name: Jennifer Aguirre
email adress:
GFC name: Lucky Vixen
tweet URL:!/jnyaguirre/status/200452037769572352

for Additional entries:
Fb share url:
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Followed Bloglovin: Jennifer Aguirre

What is your most unforgettable experience as mom?
Almost everyday I got these memorable moments with my little girl Julia she shower's me with hugs and kisses for no reason! so touching! But one of the most memorable for me is the first day I saw her, she is this most tender creature, small and pinkish and fresh! Makes me proud as a woman for bringing her into this world! XOXO
Anonymous said…
ma. christie calata
gfc: salmoncat
tweet link:!/salmoncat/status/200507401185669120
fb link:
follower via bloglovin using same email addy
I would not be able to forget anytime soon the time when mom went all out in helping me get down from our roof. It was my first time and the ladder I used to climb up was all rickety so I had to go down our wall. Mom had stacked chairs and tables so I'd be able to climb down safely. I'm afraid of high places actually.
paopaolar said…
Vera Paola Reyes
I will never forget how much my mom sacrificed her work abroad for me.
radmilamila said…
GFC: Radmila U
twitter: @radmilamila!/radmilamilamila/status/200687311132950529
i follow yo uat bloglovin
each day as a mom is unforgettable - since i do not only teach and raise my daughter, i also learn from her! it is especially about emotions and different way of looking on things.
jacq said…
Jacqueline Pardo
GFC: Jacq Pardo
Twitter post:!/jacqpardo/status/200877694316064768

One unforgettable experience with my mom was when I was sick when I was a child and she took care of me. Despite fighting with our moms, they really care for us unconditionally. I'm truly grateful for having a wonderful mom. :)
arra said…
My most unforgettable moment I have experienced as a mom is when I give birth:)Because I just experienced Love at first sight when I first saw my precous darling:)

Arra Morta

GfC: arra
fb post:

follow on bloglovin too:)
Mayee M. said…
name: Merlinda Manalo
email address:
GFC name: Mayee M.
tweet URL:!/mayeel0ve/status/201229932716756992

additional entries:

(2) Displayed giveaway button on my blog:

(5) What is your most unforgettable experience with your mom?

-I have a lot of great experiences with my mom but one of the most unforgettable ones would probably be when she first started doing my make up when I would join these Santa Cruzans back in our hometown. I think I was 5 when I started, and up until I was 9 my mother made me look pretty for Flores de Mayo. I would never forget those moments simply because everytime I'd put make up on nowadays I think back to those days, and it actually made me kind of emotional when she did my make up on my college graduation day! Definitely brought back memories. The only difference was my graduation was a bigger life achievement for both me and her! :)
nagrade said…
gfc: nagrade
Facebook: Val Nagrade
twitter: @nagradne_igre

blog post:
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Joy said…
Lovely Joy Merced
GFC: Joy Merced

Extra entries:
blogs sidebar:
fb share:

My most unforgettable experience as a mom is when i gave birth to my kids, seeing them after a caesarean birth took away all my pains.
Katt said…


GFC name: Kat Valdez (katvaldez08)

Post Link:

Extra entries:

-Shared giveaway on FB:

Why do you love Laura Mercier?

My mom has always been a fan of this product for a while now and I myself is also amazed with the quality of Laura Mercier. They have amazing products!
aanjaism said…
Name: Anj Pebs
GFC: aanjaism

What is your most unforgettable experience as a mom?

This has got to be my recent most favorite question in the world because I just cannot stop sharing my experiences as a momma. I have two daughters, a 5y/o and a 3y/o. They're lovely and cute. But what really amazes me is how kind-hearted they also are. After a party we attended one time, we were walking to the taxi line when my daughters saw a streetkid looking sick. My kids were holding foods which we took home from the party. Without hesitations, they handed the streetkid all the foods they had. It was such an amazing experience that I cried upon witnessing what they had done. It is very unforgettable since it made me so proud of my kids and as a mother also for having to raise my daughters the way I have. :) ❀
ThinkOrange said…
GFC: ThinkOrange
email: kokicezaponeti at msn dot com
FB: Neon Gray
tweet url:!/pastelneon/status/201381695927234560

Extra entries:
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4. I really love Laura Mercier, these products are amazing! High quality, great packaging, lovely colors, what more can a girl ask for!? There's no wrong buy, you can be sure that the product is going to be great!
Jhazz said…
GFC: Jhazz Claro
email: jhazzclaro at yahoo dot com
Twitter: Jhazz Calro
tweet url:!/bejeweledjhazz/status/201594299429814272

Extra entries:
1. following via Bloglovin with same email
2. Shared on fb:
3. I have 4 wonderful kids and the most special and unforgettable experience as a mom is when I first held them in my arms - however, every time spent with them and everything we enjoy doing together is always special.

Happy Mother's day Sarah :)
Unknown said…
name (GFC name): Melita Jagodic

- sidebar:
- following on bloglovin'
- all my experiences with mom are unforgettable, my father died when I was a child, so she was and is my everything. one of the most beautiful experiences was when I was getting married :)

thanks for fab opportunity :)
MJC said…
happy mother's day! :)
marjulis cruz
GFC marju marj ju!/mariajuanalelis/status/201655879894962176
giveaway button on
following you on bloglovin
jla said…
name: jen lapis
email address:
GFC: mich michelene

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happy mother's day!
jla said…
name: jen lapis
email address:
GFC: mich michelene

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happy mother's day!
Anonymous said…
name: april tarongoy
email : apriltaro[at]
gfc: april :)
Melody Co said…
Melody Co @
Melody Co!/miloodee/status/201959588331929600
Unknown said…
Name: Tina Elaine Resuello
Email address: tinz_mendoza(at)yahoo(dot)com
GFC name: Elaine
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5. What is your most unforgettable experience as a mom?
That would be the moment I gave birth to my son, Nathan. I had a normal delivery (and without anesthesia) but the moment the beautiful baby was offered in my own arms, it felt like the pain and the 9 months of waiting were all worth it. :)
Unknown said…
Angelica Deiparine
angel deiparine ---gfc!/geldeiparine/status/202071605436891136
Hzl said…
Hazel Uri


gfc: Zelle ♥

tweet: I LOVE Laura Mercier so I'm joining @sarahtirona's Laura Mercier Mother's Day #giveaway at WIN almost $100 in prizes!
Elma said…
twitter @alexpts7!/alexpts7/status/202185715285630977

My most unforgettable moment as a mom is when my son was born, after a very stressful pregnancy
Leah said…
GFC: Lei
FB: Leah Gonzalez

1. Bloglovin: leahgonz
2. Unforgettable experience with my mom: I remember when I was a kid I was sick with fever and my mom cupped my face in her hands and said if only she can bear the fever herself. <3 <3 <3
iamveeh said…
Name: Vanessa Marie Apal
GFC: iamveeh
Tweet URL:!/iamveeh/status/202362813908393984
Vallee Gonzaga said…
Name: Valentine Gonzaga
Email add:
GFC name: Valentine Gonzaga
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FB Post URL: and
Bloglovin email add:
My most unforgettable experience with my mom is not the craziest or most extravagant ever. I sleep next to my mom every night and with our girl talks, I know that it's very difficult to make her cry. Every mother's day, my cousins, siblings and I prepare a program for our moms. For this year, we made a video (we even dressed up and learned a little bit of foreign languages for the theme around the world) and when we showed it, my mom surprisingly shed some tears. For the most part, she was laughing and smiling but it really meant a lot that she appreciated our little thanks for her efforts and sacrifices for our family.
julis55 said…
Name: Tracy Davis
GFC name: Tracy Davis
Tweet URL:!/julis555/status/202608439183163393
Babisque said…
Hello :) I would like to enter this giveaway.

Name: Barbara Zakošek
GFC: Happyfishito
Twitter: @happyfishito

Nicole P. said…
Cristine Nicole Paler

My most unforgettable experience as a mom is the first time I laid my eyes on jenae, my baby girl. Seeing her innocent angel face after all the labor and emotional pains made my heart flutter with happiness and excitement. :)
susan1215 said…
follow via GFC susan1215
Like on FB Susan Smith
follow via twitter susan1215!/susan1215/status/202767151235473408

s2s2 at comcast dot net
bettibot said…
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bettibot said…
name: Ma. Bernadette Villarin
email ad: wapang24(at)yahoo(dot)com
GFC name: bettibot
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jayresa said…
name: theresa montino
email adress:
GFC name: jayresa
tweet URL:!/jayresa03/status/203111499215028225

What is your most unforgettable experience with your mom?

My mom died when I was 4 but I can still remember vivid memories of her. She always took special care with me. When bathing, she uses hypoallergenic powder, shampoos, soaps, even those with no-more tears one. I can still even remember how smooth her skin was. I miss those times!!!

~~~ thanks for the giveaway :)))
ence said…
Name: Eunice Chua
Email adress:
GFC name: ence
Tweet URL.:!/GlimpseOfEnce/status/203314655047860226

FB Link :
bloglovin :

What is your most unforgettable experience with your mom? It was when we went to Hong Kong to have a vacation and spend time together with our family. =)
Anonymous said…
Name: Fati
GFC name: TheChick

Additional entries:
Followed on bloglovin' (

What is your most unforgettable experience with your mom?

I Beleive there are so many, bt one of the most amzaing ones that realy affected on me, Mum was always my best friend when i feelt lonely when i needed to talk to someone Mum always been there for me & helped me throught every little step i ws about o made, i guess this attchement we had & still ahve is the most beautiful thing to remember :)

& Thank you for this amazing chance to enter this stunning Giveaway :)
STF said…
follower of my blog through GFC :Sheila z

Liked Ms. Eggplant's Chronicles on Facebook : Sheila tf

Followedd on Twitter and tweeted giveaway message: @celticrn

Such a lovely giveaway!
Emmerey Rose said…
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the most unforgettable moment with my mom was when she was comforting me during my 3rd year high school life from bullies i got from the people around. she lifted me up and never let me go. this was the time when we got close and know each other better because what we got was each other. i cannot forget that coz it made us closer than ever.
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i love Laura Mercier because it gives an elegant glow to the skin.
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Hi dear,

Already done with the Mandatory
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Hope I'll bag these freebies! :)
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What is your most unforgettable experience as a mom?

I still remember the day I gave birth to my daughter vividly. Suffering labor pains, having preeclampsia and not being with my husband that time were just the tip of the hardship. But when I held my Katriane for the first time, all those washed away. Everything changed from that day. I would really not forgot the day I became a Mom and loving it each day.
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* Everyday is unforgettable, my dad is working abroad that's why my mom is the one who took care of us here. She never failed to wake up early everyday just to prepare meals before we head for school.

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Cai Entereso
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* I love Laura Mercier because of the simplicity of colors and shades that they have.
Sammy Samson said…
Rosemarie Samson
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*My most unforgettable experience with my mom is our first ride in the MRT. We both didn't know about inserting the tickets, which side of the mrt doors open for each station and stuff. Haha. It was funny.
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Answer: My most unforgettable experience as a mom is when I gave birth to my eldest daughter especially when I hear her first cry.
Jackie Go said…

Jackie Go
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My most unforgettable experience as a mom is hearing my daughter Gabbie say "Mommy" for the first time. Na-feel ko bigla na it's "official" I really am a mom! Weird but I was very emotional! :)
Anonymous said…
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My most unforgettable memory with my mom: She cried when she read my essay - - for my application in Ateneo. She was really touched because of it! ;)
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Kaili Clark

My most unforgettable experience with my mum is when she surprised me and my sister by taking us to a butterfly exhibit, unaware that I had become deathly afraid of butterflies. And as I stood there in horror ready to scream, she decided it was time to take pictures and laugh at me! :)
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Answer any 1 of these questions:
What is your most unforgettable experience with your mom?
-- My unforgettable experience with my mom was when she taught me how to drive a bike. It took her 2 days until I learned and we enjoyed the days. :)
mhoie1325 said…
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My most unforgettable experience as a mom is when I gave birth to Ranae Emanuelle. It took over 12 hours but it was well worth the wait. A beautiful baby girl who continues to amaze us year after year. :)
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What is your most unforgettable experience with your mom?

My most unforgettable experience with my mom is when we went to the Sophie Paris Fashion Show and first pageant. It was only us two in the family who went. It was so much fun and awesome because the day was so sophisticated and all and I was with my mom!
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What is your most unforgettable experience with your mom? Traveling to the different places will be the most unforgettable experience with my mom. Where would I be without that one extraordinary person that directs all the paths of life? The person that no matter how much trouble I get into, will always love me. This person is my mother.
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Experiences actually :) we both love to try different food so we go to different restaurants whenever we can :)
AnneG said…
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My mom cried when she learned that i was graduating with honors. :)
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Despina T. said…
did evrything mandatory.also posted about this on facebook following you on bloglovin and i love this brand cos of it's great combo of high quality and lovely variety products.
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Question: What is your most unforgettable experience with your mom?

Answer: There are actually a lot of unforgettable experiences that I had with my mom. But it made me to a point of thinking which of them was really unforgettable at all. Then somehow, it made me realize that she was actually there when I had my first heartache way back six years ago. At first, I was scared of telling her, thinking that she would get mad at me. But then she went to my room and asked me if I have something to tell her (mother instincts). Then I told her everything. Infact, she didn’t even judge me at all. She was there to listen and comfort me since I was only a teenager back then. And now, every time I have a problem whether it is about love or not, I talk to her. :)
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I love laura mercier coz' it maintains that flawless and healthy look from day to night! :)
agnes mabel said…
agnes espino
agnes espino

greatest mom experience for me? childbirth. twice. :)
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I have so many unforgettable experiences with my mom. One of my favorites was when she has sacrificed her life for me and my other siblings .

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Thankss alot
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Name: Camille Quiambao

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What is your most unforgettable experience with your mom?
When she gave me a laptop for my 18th bday so that I won't have a hard time with my thesis. We had so little money but she secretly saved up just to give me comfort.
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One of the most unforgettable moment with my mom was when the first time I opened up to her about my private life (love life). it was really awkward talking about that with my mom for the first time but one thing that was really unforgettable was the feeling of being at ease and the fact that she will always there to guide and assist me with my decisions. :)
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My most unforgettable experience with my mom is when I we when in Baguio last year. It was my first time to bond with my mom. I was able to share to her some of my stories which I can't tell to her for a long time. :)
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What is your most unforgettable experience with your mom?: My most unforgettable experience with my mom is when we bonded together all day long at the mall without watching the time nor computing the budget but just doing whatever we want - eat, watch movies, shop, go to spa, etc. It's just an enjoying pampering experience with her that I had the chance to do for the first time because we were both always busy. I want to repeat that experience! :)
Name: Catherine Sayson
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question:What is your most unforgettable experience with your mom?
answer: my most unforgettable moment with my mom was when she hugged me and said "i love you dear".,, and i said love you too mom.but then she said that "i know u dont love me".., den i told her,, "though i am stupid for all of the times,i really really love u mom, i just cant say it coz im shy coz i did stupid things for a lot of times,IM SORRY MAMA." den after all, we became much more closer to one another and keeping each of our secrets shared..
Alta Infante said…
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Answer: My most unforgetabble experience with my mom is when she put my medal on me during my graduation. :)