One For The Books - Fashion Roadtrip May 2012

This post is brought to you by the lovely and phenomenal ladies behind VNC Paradigm Image! How they came up with it, I don't know, but I sure know that it was the best event I've ever attended so far.

Read on and bear witness to the epic day that was our first ever, "Fashion Roadtrip"!

We assembled at Cookbook Kitchen, Eastwood for lunch:

Where we were met with place cards that either said:

"Don't say goodbye to summer just yet..."

and "Sweet smelling flowers, evergreen ribbons and baskets. Calming fountain"

(I will reveal the significance later on...)

Once complete, it was time for lunch and catching up!

Then off it was to our first stop for the day, VNC!

We were given a preview of VNC's post summer collection which I must say are really cute. All the colors and silhouettes were bang on trend plsu comfortable too!

And then it was later revelead that our place cards represented VNC and The Little Things She Needs.
Those with the "Don't say goodbye to summer" place cards could pick out any pair of shoes they wanted from VNC! Weeee! Nothing sweeter than a free pair of shoes!

And, IT'S ON!!! I always have my game face on when picking the perfect pair of shoes to take home with me :P

Serious much? haha.

Guess who...

I couldn't figure out which pair to take home...the pink or the black...

Presenting, the VNC team!

On the move again to our next stop... The Little Things She Needs, where the rest of the group got to pick out their shoes.

And where the rest of us got to oggle at both their past season's styles (which were on sale at irresistably tempting low prices) and styles from their latest collection:

Ana was part of the TLTSN team so I helped her pick out a pair of shoes:

....the baby is now a lady! Don't you and I agree that she looks awesome in heels? Join me in the campaign to keep Ana sky high :P

Just when we thought it couldn't get any better....we were met outside by this:

Yes, our very own fashion coaster!!! So ANTM, don't you think? :)

We were off to our next stop....The Flat Shop in my hometown, Greenhills! 

On the way, we were divided into two teams again, Team VNC and TEAM TLTSN.

The excitement inside the coaster was just sooo contagious!

Back to the game, the two teams had to guess which movies certain lines came from. We won, yes Team VNC won! :)

Prize later revealed...

Final destination achieved, touchdown, Flatshop!

Where we were treated like celebrities! They not only closed the store for us but they also welcomed us with leis and mango shakes in cute little plastic cocktail glasses. Summer vibe on.

The Flatshop carries various brands among them are Palladiums for women, DB shortcut for Down Boy (which is a favorite of Halle Berry), Anthology, Fit Flops, Melissa and TKees (an Angelina Jolie and Sarah Tirona favorite :P they are comfy as hell!!!)

Since Team VNC won, we got first dibs on shoe selection! Yeaaa baby, choices were between DB and Tkees, most of us chose TKees cause they are just sooo adorable...and now the official Bloggers United 3 footwear of Team VNC :P

My loot for the day:

Overall, it was a fun experience not only because of the lovely gifts we got to take home with us but more because of the thought and effort that the people behind VNC put into planning this event. I really felt the love and the fact that I got to share it with some of my most favorite fellow bloggers/friends in the world made it all the more special. Truly one for the books.

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Unknown said…
hi sarah, are you a mom? 'cause i am too! you're so cool!
what a great event! nagenjoy ako sa fashion field trip na ito :D

Rovie, The Bargain doll
Hi bella! yes, i am, i have a 5 year old daughter turning 6 this month. thank you! :)
Eline said…
I hope I get to participate in one of those events. hahaha :>