Postura Project Day 28 - Dressing up The Muscle Shirt

Just a few days left on my Postura Challenge. For my 28th installment, I decided to showcase a new favorite in my closet...The 3-pack tees from a Perfect White Shirt. The Perfect White Shirt is perfect for Postura because it is a locally owned company and all their products are produced in our country as well.

I am so addicted to these shirts that I bought them in several sizes since they only cost P888/pack, roughly P200+ea?. Larger ones for gym, lazy and fat days + smaller ones for dressing up or down in some cases.

They have been my constant uniform these past few days, from errands to dinners.

So anyway, back to the outfit, I paired my white muscle tee with black skinny jeans, black pumps from CMG, and a black sequined sleeve blazer from Forever21.  To add pop and to pull the outfit together, I decided to accessorize with my favorite gold collar necklace from Jhajing and a vintage belt that I salvaged some years back from Mamita's closet. The overall effect is a casual but dressy outfit that I think is perfect for the dinner we had at Makati Shang.

Hope you like :)

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Bianca Sing said…
I super love everything! You look gorgeous! Simple but elegant indeed <3

love how you made your outfit really elegant! love the blazer ;)

Rovie, The Bargain Doll
Unknown said…
The necklace is so wonderwoman looking. Bagay.
Very classy and elegant!! :) You look gorgeous in this outfit, Sarah! ♥

thestyleflux said…
Love the styling you did around the shirt! :) gorgeous!

Kaye Awatin
Gellie Abogado said…
man glam gorgeous! :)
Anonymous said…
i love your blog, im definitely following now, stay in touch xx
Rikka Wagas said…
love the look!
whoa... you look super stylish and classy O_O i thought you picked these photos up from like a website but then i realized that it was you ! lol. hah you fooled me xD
Hazel said…
sarah!! i love the neckpiece :)