Postura Project Day 29: Palazzo Turned Hi-Slit Maxi

Remember when Palazzo's were all the rage some months back? I got me a couple pairs but I never really took to them the way I did maxi's cause palazzos have this certain way of making me look short-er :P

So what to do with all the forgotten pairs piling up in the back of my closet? A DIY project! I converted all my palazzos into hi-slit maxi's which silhouette I have really been loving lately. I only put a single slit on these but I am really contemplating on adding another one. In love with the laidback yet "leggy" look that has sort of  been a daily uniform for me while doing errands and taking Nikola to ballet school. It is the most comfortable thing to wear especially when paired with my snakeskin Tkees from The Flatshop and my favorite Ziggy Stardust shirt.

That's it for now, been a really crazy week. Will be heading off to SMX again later for fashion week. Hope you enjoyed this post. Will share the tutorial for this process soon. Have a great weekend! :)

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Raffi Alcantara said…
Love the DIY idea for the Palazzo pants! I love that this outfit is so edgy! Plus love the slit idea. So sexy yet edgy at the same time!

xoxo Raffi :)
Unknown said…
This adorable! I would love to see more! It looks very nice and like it is meant to be a skirt! :)
Jewel Delgado said…
I like this! So comfy outfit. :)

Jewel Clicks
Issa said…
I love your DIY's Sarah! can't wait for the tutorial! :)
Gellie Abogado said…
another awesome diy! from the pic lang i thought na it was really made that way. hehe :P
thestyleflux said…
Oh nice! Lovin that skirt :)

Kaye Awatin
love the outfit!!
Specially your sunglasses :)
have a good day beautiful,
Sootjeelina said…
Beautiful skirt! It looks amazing on you

xoxo Sootjeelina
What a great idea!! Now I wanna buy palazzos just to rip them up! :)
Georgi said…
Love the slit in the maxi skirt! Awesome outfit.

new outfit post :) xx
Nix Rueda said…
can you post a tutorial of the DIY maxi skirt? :) I'd be happy even if you just email it to me. hihi.
Banannie said…
niiice! now i want my own hi-slit skirt too!
thanks for the comments guys! will post the tutorial soon! just need to find time to edit the photos :)