Postura Project Day 30 - White & Gold

Last day for my Postura Project challenge! Which has me thinking...should I go back to naming my outfit posts with "What I Wore Today" or should I just put descriptive titles on instead? Whatchuthink?

outfit: Jhajing gold collar, be top, forever21 sequined skirt, zara shoes

Back to the outfit...wore this to the video shoot we did for Zalora in Skye. Have you seen it? It's got me and some other bloggers from Bloggers United lipsyncing and "acting" to Nicki Minaj's Starships. I wasn't really familiar with her music so I was petrified the first time I heard the song. She sings so fast and it was so hard to keep up with her!

Albeit somewhat embarassing, I think it is my duty as one of the bloggers in the video to promote it since they are hoping to make it go viral.

So for your viewing's me with really bad acting :P


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Unknown said…
love that striking skirt sarah!
Gellie Abogado said…
The skirt is so glam! Bongga! :D
Extremely LOVE your gold skirt, Sarah!! :) Super cute niyo rin in the Starships video!!! ♥

Love that skirt! :)
Anne Garais said…
Love your gold skirt Ms. Sarah! :) BTW, Hope to see you at the Bloggers United3 on saturday!! Another pic with you again!! <3

I love this!! You look so posh. :)