Quick Poll: Black or Nude?

photos from JCube

I havent done this in awhile right? I remember asking your opininon all the time wether which pair of shoes to get. You've always been a great help, so here we go again! Hope you can help me decide! :)

I'm loving these casual, vintage style sandals for everyday wear but I'm torn between the black and nude. Leaning towards the black pair more but I'm not so sure.

Will appreciate you suggestions! Thank you, Have a nice day! :)


Unknown said…
I'd choose the nude one. I feel like it's more versatile.

Also, I like the monochromatic look of the nude straps and the tan wedge heel.
Unknown said…
definitely the nude one. you can pair nude with more outfits rather than the black one

Unknown said…
This is unrelated, but it the width of your blogsite intentional. I can only see half of the whole site across.

The body doesn't fit my screen. I use a netbook for blog browsing though. But I'm guessing that for most computers, the blog won't fit the screen horizontally. Most common resolution is 1280 px across.
Anonymous said…
i like the nudes, too!

but the black ones are also classic. Reminds me of those shoes that Betty & Veronica wear. Haha!
thanks for helping me make my decision guys <3 i can always count on you! :)
hi rae!

thanks for bringing that to my attention, unfortunately, i am the most un-techie person and i have no idea how to fix it :S must look for help re: that matter :)