Something New and Exciting Is Brewing at The

The Mall is back with a site revamp and it is better than ever!!!

I have always seen The Mall as one of the most credible pioneers when it comes to online shopping/browsing.  Since it is led by the same creative team behind Style Bible, you are more or less guranteed a fool-proof fashionable experience each and everytime you click on their site.

Recently, The Mall has undergone a major revamp in order to keep up and be of better service to our country's ever evolving fahionable set.

Aside from converting it into a stand alone site, The Mall is now literally a virtual shopping mall, with more brands handled under its wing. The pieces are still carefully curated but now you have more choices! Here are a few examples of what is now available at The Mall:

The Mall has everything, from clothes, accessories, make-up, menswear and even novelty items. A must-have directory for all the shopingeras/shopingeros out there.

The new site is very easy to navigate and it now also features a "My Closet" section which will keep track of everything you want in your wish list. Better yet, you can store all those items you are browsing in "your closet" and style them ala "polyvore". This ensures that nothing you buy will ever go to waste!

In keeping with the spirit of local online shopping, The Mall is encouraging and supporting all 'E-preneurs" out there to sell their products at The Mall. No online shop is too big or too small for The Mall, just visit their site to register. It takes less than 5 minutes!

And, if I haven't convinced you enough yet to register, here is one major reason why:

a Summer Flash Sale!!! All your favorite brands at up to 90% off!!! 
save the date!

And lastly, you can also shop the looks of your favorite bloggers/celebrities/fashion icons in their "Shop Her Style" section: :) :D <3

Please don't mind the "helmet hair"! Was having a bad hair day. :P

Thank you so much for the feature The Mall! It was a very pleasant surprise :)

Visit The Mall today and register for great deals and awesome shopping finds!!!

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Chyrel Gomez said…
Awesome! Congrats with the feature, babe! =)