Swensen's - Ice Cream Parlor In Manila

Swensen's was one of my favorite restaurants in Singapore when I use to jet back and forth from Manila before. The warm atmosphere and delicious food had a way of beconing me all the way from Tampines to Orchard. That was way back, and you know how it is when it comes to places and habits you get used to, you terribly miss it when they become unattainable....but not anymore. 

The people behind Grilla and TOSH (The Old Spaghetti House) have finally brought Swensen's to us and I was more than excited to oblige when they offered me and my blog friends a taste test!

We had our little treat in their Eastwood Branch which is located on the 2nd floor of the new Eastwood Mall:

Swensen's is primarily know for their ice cream which they have been producing in San Franciso since 1948. After 63 years of making delicious ice cream, they now have accumulated a total of 180 flavors and numerous Swensen's branches across the United States and around the world.

What I love most about Swensen's?

The photos in the menu are identical to the dishes served.

That afternoon, we had more than our fill of ginormous sundaes, floats and parfaits. Name it, Swenson's has it.

When I was younger, I used to enjoy visiting ice cream parlors with my family. For more than a decade, the tradition stopped for lack of a "proper ice cream parlor" in the Metro. I'm glad Swensen's opened shop in Manila just in time for Nikola's childhood. I am looking forward to many Sunday visits with her and my family.

Swensen's is a fun place to hang out and share stories while being comforted with large bowls of delicious ice cream.

My only request would be for them to bring the full menu in. The savory delights that Swensen's Singapore had to offer are just as drool worthy as their unique ice cream creations.

For more info on Swensen's, visit their Facebook Page

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Unknown said…

-Bella <3
Drooling over Swensen's!!! Can't believe I haven't tried there yet :( Great photos, Sarah! :D