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firmoo sunglasses
Loving my new oversized tortoise shell sunglasses from Firmoo!
and just because I love them and you so much, I will be posting a review soon plus an international giveaway where SEVERAL winners will get to win their choice of any prescriptive glasses or sunglasses from the Firmoo website! Free shipping of course! So stay tuned for that :)

On to more exciting news....

I can't wait for Bloggers United this Saturday! I can already tell this early that it'll be loads of fun! And as an added bonus, I will be giving away big discounts on all my made to order skirts on that day. All you have to do to avail of the promo is to drop by my booth and place your order and payment on the same day. I will personally measure you and ship your orders within the next week. :)

Please do drop by my booth to say hi. I can't wait to meet you all! See you there! :)

outfit: lace top from summersault, Sarah Tirona mint green maxi, VNC studded nude sandals, Accessorize bag, Firmoo sunglasses, YSL inspired ring from Jhajing

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tess said…
Firmoo pala yung sun glasses ,reminds me to make a post about it.
Francesca said…
i love your skirt! i cannot wait for saturday! :)
Unknown said…
love the maxi skirt on youuuuuu
Gellie Abogado said…
love your skirt sarah! kaso i fear that it might make me look shorter? xP
Au countraire geleesh, hahaha, they key is to make it a point that your skier is floor sweeping. The right length will elongate your frame. I'm only 5'1, Lakas makadaya yan :)
krissy ♥ said…
Ohmygosh I super love this outfit, Sarah! Mas favorite ko na sya kaysa sa outfit mo nun Swensen's natin, although love ko rin yun! Hehe ang ganda, sobrang bagay the over-all look :) See you on Saturday! I miss you ♥
So pretty!! :) Love your skirt, Sarah! See you tomorrowww ♥

Aya said…
Love how you paired the lace top with the green skirt.., very boho chick! Xoxo

ThinkOrange said…
Great look, that skirt is so pretty<3
Unknown said…
I can't wait for the Firmoo giveaway!

Unknown said…
lovin' the colors! XD

Unknown said…
Hi Sarah, thank you for sharing this & for your continuous support to Accessorize!

-Accessorize Philippines