Bad Photo, Bad Hair Day, Great Thai Food.

Some days, you just can't have it all and all you end up with are bad photos, awkward faces and a very bad hair day. :P

I have very thick, coarse hair which I have a bad habit of leaving it to grow out wild by itself...which ends up resembling a lion's mane...especially in blonde. I deserve a double facepalm for this booboo! Sad part, I only realized a few days ago how badly I needed to have it thinned out. Apparently, judging from these photos that were taken over two weeks ago, I needed to have it fixed probably two weeks prior to that day. Doing the math...which I equally suck at...I'm over a month delayed for much needed salon service. *sigh

I am obssesed with hair color but I can't really be bothered so much with haircuts. I have been letting myself gooooo these past few weeks. Probably due to exhaustion from all the major events that have been going on.

Makeover List:

  1. Haircut. obviously.
  2. Maybe another dye job? just because.
  3. Brow threading
  4. Mustache waxing :P
  5. Facial
The only thing I am looking forward to is the facial and dye job. I have not been in the mood for pain lately so I've been delaying my visit to the waxing salon but I cannot procrastinate any longer. Gawd, tiis ganda! :(

Anyway, will leave you with these photos. Try not to focus too much on the hair and face. I know it's hard, especially when I've made so much emphasis on the negative parts of it. Hopefully, you'll still find inspiration from the outfit :P

Seriously should've put on some sunglasses :/

So anyway...I wore this to a random lunch out with Dennis. It was traffic everywhere and all the malls were crowded so we decided to head towards Kapitolyo (where I used to live and still miss for the great food and company). 

We were planning to look for Rub but couldn't find it so decided to go to Poco instead but after parking, we spottted "Thai Dara" beside it. 

Dennis was feeling more Asian than Continental so we went there instead, Besides, Thai Dara has always been a favorite of ours as you can see in a review I did HERE.

I am happy to announce that they not only managed  to maintain their food quality, but their food actually got better.
pad thai, green curry chicken and tofu at Thai Dara

The only thing I don't like about their branch in Kapitolyo is their tables and chairs....

They probably decided to go with basic stools and tables to match their "Bangkok Street Food" theme but they are terribly uncomfortable. Banged my knee several times trying to squeeze into my seat. So I hope they change that, even monobloc would be better. Other than that, I still love Thai Dara for their great food and awesome personalized service.


Cool, I live in this village! :D We have yet to try Thai Dara but Nav (across Pioneer) is one of our regular spots. Rub is a little further down the road from Thai Dara. Just keep going straight on that road. It's near the Holy Family Parish. It's a definite must-try! The food is delicious and the price points are great too. Hope that helps! Maybe we'll bump into you soon. :D
Love your blazer, Sarah!! :) Me too, I think I really need a makeover na. Haha! Oooh that's a nice restaurant, btw! :) Wanna try their pad thai so might visit there soon! ♥

Arnie Villanueva