Behind The Scenes at Maybelline PH's Do You Dare Shoot

So in case you haven't heard, Maybelline just recently launched a new website called "Do You Dare" wherein they compile streetstyle snapshots of fashionable people caught sporting Maybelline's products.

To kickstart the project, they requested several fashion bloggers and clients to attend a photoshoot held in The Fort, BGC.

The photoshoot headquarters were located at the second floor of Starbucks near MC Home Depot. Here are some behing the scenes snaps of me getting ready for my first look, "Biker Babe".

For the Biker Babe look, they style my hair into a fawhawk which I immediately feel in love with. So fierce lang and gives me the added height that I need!

This BIker Babe look featured Maybelline's Falsies Mascara which I have to say worked really well on my almost non-existent eyelashes. You can almost see them now in these photos. They are really really short in person. :(

After getting dolled up, me and fellow fashion blogger Reg Rodriguez, hung out at the balcony with hot cups of coffee while waiting to be called in for our photo op. She also took all of these photos for me. Thanks Reg <3

Despite having my photos taken almost everyday, I still get super nervous during professional shoots.

A funny and candid photo of me looking shocked..."You want me to do what???" hahaha

And finally, the winning shot:

Thank you Maybelline for the feature! (You can view the feature HERE) It was a fun day of getting dolled up, shooting in the rain and running away from the cops! :P


Galing!!! I love the final shot!

Honey Andrade said…
Ang bangis!!! Woooo!! Hahaha!!
Unknown said…
rocker chick!
Mica said…
I love what they did to you hair Ms. Sarah! :)