DIY/Tutorial - How To Turn Old Pants Into A Hi-Slit Maxi Skirt

The maxi skirt has always been a favorite of Hollywood A-listers due to the classy and effortless vibe they exude.

Vanessa Hudgens, Mary Kate Olsen and Lauren Conrad are some of the many Hollywood Celebrities spotted wearing maxi skirts along the streets of New York and LA numerous times. 

Lately though, a slight alteration of the long beloved maxi trend has started to creep in...thigh hi-slits. Which I have to admit give a refreshing change to the old silhouette.

Adding a slit to the maxi lends a certain laidback sultriness to the look and I have been quite obssesed with it. Not too mention that the extra slit provides much needed air between my thighs in our warm and humid weather. They also look fantastic for petite women like me even when worn with flats. Plus they also make a great cover up for your bikini bottom at the beach! 

I know you all have a lot of pants lying around your closet that you don't use's your chance to revamp and put tome good use back in them.

For this project, I used an old pair of Palazzo pants because I don't really like the way Palazzo's look on me. I feel a little frumpy and short in them :P You can use any pair of pants you want as long as they aren't skinnies. Just remember that looser pant legs will create a more flowy skirt while slimmer legs will create a more tapered look just like the second photo above.

Now that's over with, lets get started.

What You'll Need For This Project:

  1. old pair of pants
  2. seam ripper
  3. measuring tape
  4. sewing machine or needle and thread
  5. scissors

- Undo both inseams all the way from crotch to bottom hem:

once extra fabric is cut off, the shape of each leg should be more or less straight with no more triangle sticking out.

sew backlegs together starting from the crotch all the way down to the bottom hem:

Now let's do the front.

Separate the left from the right leg and fold under twice about 1/4 of an inch and stitch from the crotch down (this will create your slit)
If you feel that the slit is too high, measure first and extend "crotch area" by attaching both legs together the same way you did for the back of the skirt.

Now all you have to do is "re-hem" the bottom and you're done!

This is what you'll end up with:

A comfortable and stylish skirt which is great for everyday errands OR depending on the fabric, it will also look mighty sexy on a night out :) Hope you like! Keep those DIY requests coming!

In case you have difficulty making your own, you can always order one from me :P Just email


Arra said…
this is so cooool! love it!
Nicajoice said…
great idea!!! :)
Unknown said…
Wow..Great idea!

Janelle said…
love it! para ka ding celebrity! :)
Chyrel Gomez said…
babe, i miss you na! i am so dead online. haha! sana naman ganyan din ako kaganda ano, pag naka maxi plus slit. haha!

nahiya naman ang legs ko, babe. haha!
Wow! That's a great idea! Good thing you can sew!

Chel said…
This is perfect! I cannot wait for the weekend so start making one. Thanks for this diy tip.

Jean Melgar said…
That's clever! It looks great. How I wish I know how to sew properly.
This is coolness! I love it!